• ???? : Trespassers! You are not allowed to set
    Foot on ancient Riviera!

    Luther: who’re you?!?!

    Aghart: I am Aghart, guardian of Riviera!

    Luther: really..? we don’t mean harm, we are
    Here to help you and Riviera

    Ephraim: Luther, don’t be fooled! T’is only a
    Demon in disguise!

    Luther: (but it seems so godly…)

    Aghart: how dare you consider me a fake! you shall pay for disrespecting me!

    Matthew: the enemy is strong, be careful! Ruth, hide!!!

    Ruth did as she was told, she hid behind a fallen pillar, the three brought out their weapons. Aghart, the phoenix like guardian, prepared to test their strength….

    Aghart: you have come so far, but in the end it doesn’t even matter, since you shall all fall here!!

    The phoenix’s wings grew in heat, the entire atmosphere was changed due to this… luther and the others started sweating… they used their wings to air out( cool down) their bodies… only Ephraim looked normal, “your expecting me to loose my guard because of a little heat?” ephraim swung his scythe to the phoenix, but it only loosened is feathers in that spot where the scythe had hit… “ pfft…tougher than I thought…”


    Ruth observed their battle in a safety… she felt helpless as she watched them fight that guardian… guilt was starting to pass through her system… “I cant do anything….i cant do anything…” she kept repeating to herself… she gripped the edge of her dress tightly… she couldn’t bear seeing others getting hurt and her just sitting in the sidelines…


    “Stay down you huge chicken!” Luther shouted as he repeatedly tried to attack the phoenix,but it moved so quickly, yet so elegantly as well…. The heat was getting intense, luther had to pull out his scarf, and now even ephraim is sweating… “the oxyyygenn llevel is getting thin…” he said… matthew removed his jacket… “ sooo…hot… were outside… but it feels like were inside a stove…” they could barely concentrate… the phoenix takes this opportunity to attack, he dives beak first to luther, who looked like he was about to faint… ephraim was able to see this and dived in to push luther out of the way…. Luther seemed to hallucinate, “ hahahha…. Fly fly…. Your so cool ephraim…” luther was making no sense, he couldn’t think straight anymore…. ephraim punched him in the face.” Get a hold of yourself amateur” ephraim ordered, luther snapped out of it.” who’re you calling an amateur!....” he protested… he stood up and forced himself to concentrate… his hands were wobbling, so ephraim grasped his weapon as well to help with the accuracy ”terminal frost!!!”, finally someone uses an overdrive skill, an overdrive skill is a special skill for that specific weapon, since luther’s weapon is ice based, and the phoenix is fire based, this weapon will be very useful indeed in this battle… luther uses “TERMINAL FROST” , luther charged at the phoenix one more time, this time a successful hit. He pierced though one of the phoenix’s wings, the wound started freezing.. until the entire wing was frozen…

    Aghart: thou shall pay!!! Fire tempest!!! (the phoenix’s break out, break out is like berserk, like overdrive skills, monsters too have them)

    The ice in its wings melted instantly, the ice quickly turned to vapor due to the intense heat, fire started bursting in all directions…. The seemingly uncontrollable flame went to their direction, they formed a cross with their arms to guard themselves from the intense heat that was coming their direction…

    Luther: my arms… are burning!!!!!!!!!
    Matthew: I cant take this heat for much longer…
    Ephraim: don’t fall

    Matthew could not hold on, he fell to the ground, ephraim crouched down to check matthew’s pulse..” he’s unconscious” he said… luther’s chest was getting heavy, drops of sweat dripped down from luther’s face…. “what do we do n..ow…?” he asked ephraim with a weak voice , no reply…”ephraim..?” he looked back, he wasn’t there… what could have happened? Did he run? Got pushed back?....

    A strong gust of wind suddenly blew away the flames… it was ephraim! He twirled his scythe faster and faster, until sparks of fire appeared, a few more seconds and his scythe was glowing red, “ colt trio!” he shouted(overdrive skill). He drove the edge of his scythe to the ground, large cracks appeared and grew wider, until magma spewed out of the cracks… the phoenix was splashed with magma, its wings turned back to feathers… “kyahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the phoenix screamed in a deafening high pitched sound.

    Luther:whats… what’s happening….
    Ephraim: he’s more vulnerable…when he… when he’s attacking…ughh…

    Ephraim fell to he ground, as did the phoenix, a few seconds of silence occurred… the phoenix stood up”….I shouldn’t have underestimated you.. …now to show you… my real potential!!!!” the phoenix seemed to transform… luther’s eyes widened in amazement… ephraim forced himself to stand….

    Ephraim: I told you…not to….trust..this demon… it’s a fallen angel….

    Luther: no way…. I thought beginnings of stories end happily!!!!

    Ephraim: luther… amateur…

    Luther: what???

    Ephraim: don’t break the fourth wall….

    Luther: what’s a fourth wall?

    Ephraim: your not supposed to say that in the story…
    Luther: oh shoot!! Sorry!!


    Hey hey! Author here, sorry about that hihi.. not supposed to do that, okay back to the story~!


    The phoenix has completely transformed into an angel… he held a sword with one hand, he looked at them with furious eyes…

    Aghart: Here.. Is where you fall!!!
    Aghart charged at ephraim’s direction, his sword pointing forward… Ephraim was caught in surprise, the sword was driven through his abdomen, not even given a chance to react to the pain, he was pushed to the wall, Aghart held his neck…

    Aghart: you puny insignificant angel, you think you can defeat me? Aghart? You never stood a chance.

    Ephraim: …

    Aghart: hahHhahahHAHa

    Aghart tightened his grip on ephraim’s neck and continued to laugh. Luther was continued to watch this horrific scene, nothing came out of his mouth,he couldn’t even stand up. ruth as well looked on, her eyes filled with tears…

    Aghart removed his blood-stained sword out of ephraim’s abdomen, causing blood to spill…he had let go of his neck, ephraim fell to the ground…

    Luther: you.. murderer!!!

    Aghart: HahhahahHAHhaaahHAHa!!!!!

    Ruth could no longer stand for this, she left her spot and ran towards them…

    Ruth: that is enough!

    Aghart:And you are?? >.>

    Luther: ruth! I told you to stay hidden!

    Aghart: ruth!?

    Ruth: yes, and I order you to stand down!!now!!

    Aghart: yes!!

    Aghart knelt down, luther was wondering…

    Luther: what’s this all about..?

    Aghart: ruth mia severane… daughter of harbert severane, the king of all riviera!

    Luther: 0.o 0.o 0.o what?!?!?!? And you didn’t tell us? And we were about to leave ou here?!?!?! 0.o

    Ruth: Im sorry for not telling….

    Aghart: your highness, don’t apologize to these peasants.. their nothing more than angels.

    Luther: ….

    Ruth: …..

    Ephraim: *cough*…*cough*….

    Ruth: mister ephraim!

    Ruth runs towards ephraim, she sits next to him and looks at the huge wound on his abdomen, he continued to cough out blood, he started looking pale…

    Ruth: Aghart! Please save ephraim!

    Aghart your highness! He’s an angel! Pity him not!

    Ruth: please!!! Please..! please….

    Aghart: your highness… I… I would follow your orders… but alas.. I cannot…

    Ruth: why??...

    Aghart: I am not familiar with white magic… he can only be healed by your people in Riviera…

    Ruth: then open heaven’s gate!

    Aghart: but he’s an angel!

    Ruth: now!

    Aghart does as he was told, with a snap of his fingers the huge doors opened, blinding light splashed out of them… gravity slowly pulled them all into the gate… transporting them to…

    The gate opened, gravity sucked them in, including ruth…. Who was still guilt-stricken… now they find themselves teleported to an old settlement of the sprites…

    Luther: ….

    Ruth: wake up luther…*shakes him*

    Luther: ng… what?who?what?when?why?how?wait… I repeated what… ughhh… where am I..?

    Ruth: ahh luther ^^ g’morning

    Luther: ruth? Hi.. where am I…?

    Ruth: we’re in Elendia, an old settlement of the sprites…

    Luther: ahh…my back.. ugh…. It feels like me wings… 0.o …wings… wheres my wings??!?!??!?

    Ruth: oh… about that.. Aghart temporarily removed your wings so that you would blend in with the sprites…

    ???: ohh!!! Hes awake nya~!

    Luther: who’re you?

    Katherine: katherine nya~ are you okay? Is the ointment working?

    Ruth: katherine.. shush…

    Luther: 0.o w-what ointment?

    Katherine: the one we rubbed on your body nya~

    Luther: my.. body..?

    Katherine: and your clothes were dirty so we washed them for you~

    Luther: my..my c-c-clo-othes..? *blushes*

    Ruth: we didn’t peek okay! We didn’t see anything!

    Luther: ughh… thanks… where’s Matthew and Ephraim..?

    Ruth: upstairs… their in a pretty bad shape… especially ephraim…

    *flashback of ephraim’s abdomen being pierced*

    Ruth: you gotta get some rest… we have to leave first thing tomorrow to go to our castle… to further Ephraim’s recovery…

    Luther: okay…

    ~~~the next day~~~

    They decided to ride horses going to the castle, which was just a few kilometers away. Ephraim and Matthew laid down on a carriage being pulled by two more horses.

    Luther: are we there yet?

    Ruth: no

    Luther: are we there yet?

    Ruth: no…

    Luther: are we there yet?


    Matthew: are we*cough* there yet…

    Ruth: no! *looks* ahh.. ughhmmm.. sorry matthew…

    Matthew: *cough* *cough*

    Luther: hey! Look at that!

    Ruth: the bushes are rustling!
    Luther: demon?!? Stand back!

    Luther picked up his weapon and went down his horse, he cautiously approached the rustling bushes with his weapon ready to strike…
    “gahh!! Please don’t kill me!” a girl screamed out… her face was filled with tears…

    Luther: ohh… what are you doing here?

    ???: ….

    Luther: wanna ride with us?

    ???: ….

    Luther: its okay… were not gonna hurt you…

    Luther lend her a hand, she stood up, luther blushed… she was wearing a mini skirt with long socks, luther closed his eyes…( p.s. Riviera has no modern clothes such as mini skirts)

    ???: is..is there something wrong..?

    Luther: ahahha… no no… not at all… you can sit in the carriage…

    ???: ok….

    The girl heads to the carriage, before luther could go back to his horse he heard a scream. He ran directly towards the source.

    Luther: what happened???

    The girl points to ephraim and matthew…

    Luther: ohh… don’t worry. Their harmless ^^… sorta..

    ??: ahh!!!

    Luther: im kidding…