• Everything was just shaking. Jamie was just blank. Her eyes were blacked out. What was she doing. I looked at Tony. I dont think he was sure what to do either. "Lets take her outside see what happens because I dont think this house can take anymore of it."I said to Tony. I picked Jamie up and put one of the injection shots in my pocket just incase. Then we went outside.
    Everything was calm. Until we reached the woods. Then the trees were shaking and the branches were falling and a tree almost fell on us. It either had something to do with Jamie or a wind storm was going on. Probely both.
    As we were walking Tony said, " Maybe we should get her inside or somehting because when its the day time people are going to start serching for her so we need a safe place to hide." He was rite. If we didnt get inside soon people are going to see us and try and kill us.
    "I might I have place we can hide."I said. I had a brilliant idea.

    I knocked on the door. Tony was carrying Jamie. Charlene answered the door. "Hi.. I need a favor Charlene."I told her. "Anything. Whats the problem?"She asked. "We need a safe place to stay and this is the only place I could think of and.."She cut me off, "Come in."
    We followed her to a room. "Here is her room, Tonys room and your room. All of them have thick curtains that dont let anything in and people cant see in so you should be fine for awhile."She said. Then walked away. I saw her walk into Alene's room. I opened the door to Jamies room and layed her down. I put the blacnket over her and then walked away.
    "Okay. What do we do after this?"Tony asked me. "I dont know I'm makin this up as I go along."I said. "Well What are we going to do when the wizard and shadows come here and try to kill us?"He asked. "I DONT KNOW!"I said
    Then I walked into my room. I sat on the bed for a minute. I was not tired I just needed to think a minute. Why would all this be happening to her? Why is it her they need? Why did those people want ti kill vampires so bad? And I think that the wizard guy knew it could kill him to. But why?
    I stood up. I left my room. I walked into the room Jamie was in. At sat at the side of her bed. I touched her shoulder and she shot sraight up. "HUA!" She breathed out. "Sorry."I said. "It's ok you just scared me.''She said. "Do you want to go back to sleep, I can leave.''I said. "Its ok. Did you need something. And where are we?"She asked me. "We are at a friend of mines house. They are healers. We are safe. And no I didn't need anything."I said. "Ok then. How long are we staying here?"She asked. "Im not sure. Just go to sleep I'll see you in the morning."I said then walked out.
    I went to my room. I just layed down and tried to get some sleep. Yah didnt help at all.

    I tried to fall back asleep but I couldn't. I wonder why Charlie was in here. I wonder if Tony is ok. And why are we here? I need answers. Rite as I was about to get up I heard a noise. I looked no one was there. Its all in my head. Its all in my head. Then I heard it again.
    I walked out the door. I didnt no what room was whos so I just opened which ever on. I opened the door and saw Tony. "Tony."I whispered. "Jamie are you okay?"He asked. "I dont know. But I'm kind of freaking out."I said. "What happened?"He asked. "Im hearing these voices they are mumbling so fast I dont know what there saying."I said.
    "huh.''I whispered. I was hearing stuff. "Tony we have to leave know."I said. "What happened?" "The vocie said 'Alene will kill you' I dont know who that is."I said.
    Then I flet a bad pain in my head. I was holding my head in my hands. I looked behind me and saw a lady with a dagger in her hand. I looked at her. She was about to rase it up and strike down on me. But then I looked again and saw Tony take the knife. He fell down. "Tony."I whispered. Then Charlie came running in. I stood up and went towards Tony. I tried to take the knife out of his back. When I took it out he was bleeding.
    Charlie had Alene by the neck. "You know what I'm not going to kill you. You wanna know why because you helped us so I'm returning the favor. So gooddbye Alene."Charlie said to her. But then