• Mark Alex Bell was a normal high school student. Average grades, no clubs, no sports, and no real friends to hang out with after school. So he thought, it was a cool fall day as Mark was walking home. One of his friends that he talked to at school walked up to him and wrapped his arm around his shoulders. “Mark, buddy, It’s Friday and me and a couple of guys are going to hang out at the lake, Want to come with?” Mark finished all his homework and he would usually sleep or watch TV. “Sure, Kyle what time?” Kyle smiled and let him go. “7 tonight unless you’re scared” Mark agreed ad continued his walk home.
    He couldn’t shake the feeling of some lurking danger that started to hang on his shoulders as Kyle walked back with his group of his own kind. Mark went home to see that his parents were out working at their restaurant. Mark dumped his bag upstairs in his room on his blue bed. He goes to the bathroom and sees his face. He had to admit he wasn’t ugly was movie star looking. His messy short red hair made his onyx eyes look dull. He had an ear piercing on his left and right ears. He had a small scar from his jaw to the corner of his lips of the left side. From an car accident at 4 years old.
    For three hours got dressed, ate, and watched 2 and half hour of NCIS. When the doorbell had rang Mark opened the door to see Kyle standing there with his black hair looking like a bed head and his hazel eyes looking at Mark up and down.
    Mark had on a black T-shirt that said ‘The bro code is for losers and guys who can’t keep a girl’. His pants were ripped and his sneakers were as black as his pants. “You could have at least worn something with color” Mark grabbed his keys, phone and locked the door. Mark got into Kyle father’s a 2-door truck. In the back was a bunch of girls and guys. In the seat , they were laughing and talking about tonight. The lake wasn’t too far but if something was to happen Mark made a map in his mind incase. They finally got to the lake and saw that the party started to get into full swing as everyone got out. The cars were in a big circle with their lights on. Mark saw kegs of beer and kids smoking. Girls drunk and dancing and guys wasted out of their minds. “Take a beer and have fun” Kyle said as he left to trail a girl that just walked pasted them. Mark handed the beer to someone else and walked around. He saw some of the kids disappearing into the woods around the lake to have some private time together. Mark didn’t care he just sat down by the edge of the lake and watched the water flow downhill. His eyes traveled to the bog or ‘The End’ as people called it to the other side of the lake. It was a short distance to it by a 20 foot bridge and a dirt road that led in and out of the bog.
    A jock named Dylan Willows walked up to him and laid a hand on his shoulder. Mark turned around to see that he and his buddies were stoned and drunk out of their minds. “Yo Mark I need someone to drive me and my buds home along with a couples of chicks. You don’t mind, do ya?” Mark had no time to think of an answer has one of them picked him up off the ground and pushed him towards the car. With no say Mark had to wait for 6 people to get in the red 4-door truck.
    No one saw them left or saw a dark shadow pass over some car lights. It followed in the shadows behind the truck. Mark had feeling something horrible was waiting for him. At sometime and somewhere but he passed if off as driving with drunk and drugged classmates in the truck with him.