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    "OH!!! YAY!!!! WELCOME TO RED ROSE UNIVERSITY or known as HOME OF VAMPIRES -- WAIT????" He then seemed angry, "She knows?"
    "Yes, Hazel does know..." Sauku was way more calm than the head master.
    "Uh," My voice cracked..

    That was 11 years ago, now I'm 17 standing Night Guard on Campus with Akaske. Akaske's parents were murder by Vampires, he always kept quiet too. "Akaske," I looked towards him.
    "What, Hazel?" he asked.
    "Can you hold off these girl for a sec?"
    "Humph," he nodded.
    There was a bunch of girls from the day classes crowding the gates that were opening for the night class. The thing was... The night class were all vampires but the day class didn't know...
    "Move back!" Akaske screamed at the girls. The day class girls, frightened, step five steps back the made room for the night class to walk down.
    As whipped sweat from my forehead I thanked Akaske. Just then the gates slowly began to open. I looked up and saw Sauku walk ahead of all the vampires.
    He look down at me, "Hazel," I looked down blushing and smiling, then he went back to walking. I looked at Akaske, he was leaning up against a wall smiling in disgust.
    I sighed. Out of nowhere then, Yukria jumped out of the gates and screamed "MISS ME GIRLS???"
    All of the day girls screamed "YES!!!!"
    That night, I sliped on my night guard arm badge and went to meat Akaske. Night Guard was a special thing to prevent day class people from knowing that night class people were vampires being trianed.
    "Akaske?" I whispered.
    "I'm here Hazel!" He popped up in back of me.
    "AHHH!!!!!" I screamed. "YOU MORON!!!! YOU COULD WAKE UP THE--"
    "shhhh..." he motioned his arm around my mouth and the other one around my chest holding my arm in place. "You could wake up the day class..." He smiled. I never seen him smile before, and I meant him when I was 6 and a half, right after I was tooken to the campus.