• We could lay in silence and everything would be perfect; your fingers tracing the outlines of my tattoos while mine brush your hair out of your brown eyes. It didn’t matter where we were. We could be on the surface of the sun for all that I cared because it seemed as if in those moments everything else melted away.

    Your smile is what I remember the most. It wasn’t the grin of a poor man after winning the lotto, nor was it akin to a child’s beaming face above the candles on her birthday cake. The smile that I saw was that of a woman who is totally content. Not ecstatic, but perfectly and utterly content. I smiled back feeling that I too felt like for the first time in what seemed like an eternity I was satisfied with my life. I didn’t have wants or needs; I was just grateful for what I had.

    If I could photograph emotions for what they truly are I would frame that moment in time. I would put it on my wall in the most eye grasping place to remind myself that life isn’t always downs. Sometimes everything can go in the right direction. The direction I was aching so hard to find.