• • Part 1
    My Story is a very sad and depressing story the Story that anybody would rewind not for themselves but for their loved ones the loved ones that have perished in the most depressing of ways my Story an unusual just because of what I am and what I do. My Name is Orion Raven Gates (but everybody calls me Raven) I am Fifteen years old and this is my Story
    Chapter 1
    The Begining

    Raven Mom wants you now! ill be there in a second I yell down. I was at the last level of my game I was beating the final gate keeper; I told myself mom can wait five minutes. Awhile later (didn’t know if it had been an hour or five minutes) I cleared my glazed eyes and look back over my shoulder at the clock fifteen minutes have past I got up an ran down the hall way and started down the stairs something tugged at my crap to late to stop I fell down the stairs very very hard. Tumble tumble crack more pain tumbling then thump I reached my final destination the whole trip seemed to be replaying over and over again in my mind in slow motion. Ouch I groaned coming back to relatity I couldn’t feel my leg I started to panic I felt my eyes close, then nothing, I woke up to pain ,I fell down all twenty five stairs and hit my head on the coffee table by my front door I hear a mean little mocking laugh look up the stairs and I see my twin sister standing on the top stair coming down step by step making a thumping sound that shook the stair case I see she has a roll of fishing string and scissors in her hand as she goes down she says I almost didn’t get the string put in place on time but I’m lucky your such an idiot and waited two hours beforeyou came down finally she stands over me and kicks my hurt leg I scream out in pain my throat was getting soar my head hurt. Finely she said mom and dad are on a date. I scream Gwyn and tried to kick her but she pulled away I felt like I was about to lose conscious I was about swear at her but I fell unconscious…. again About an hour later I felt like crap my head hurt my body ache and my leg hurt like nothing id ever felt before. I was still right were I fell. I thought Gwyn would at least call an ambulance but she didn’t and I knew I would have to do it myself I look down at my leg and it was huge. I searched my memory I felt stupid I look up and I see the reason why my head hurt the coffee table and on that coffee table there is a phone. I tried to cheer a little but it hurt my chest to even breathe. I know this isn’t going to be easy I put my hands on the table and pulled my self up and I see the bottom of the phone I stared to feel excited but when I pulled my self up I saw a note no phone but a note I opened the note it said’ the phones in the attic’. I started to feel stupid, useless, and inadequate but the strongest felling in my head was hatred towards Gwyn (nothing new). But I knew what I had to do. So I started on the slow and painful trip up the stairs a few minutes or hours later ( have a perspective about time as you can tell) i reach the top and I almost tripped over her stupid trip wire again. On the way up I rolled to my room and grabbed a walking stick from my class trip to Yosemite to use as crouch. And I stared another long journey up to the up the attic stairs by the time I got there I was out of breath and with the help of my legs throbbing and back I felt like crap but I was glad I was finely to the phone I pick up the phone and called the police and say it’s an emergency but before I could explain I passed out.