• It's 10:00 PM and I have the contact in plain view. I can take the shot. There's nothing stopping me. Nothing but the nagging words in my conscious, You can't do this, HE'S YOUR BOYFRIEND!!! He loves you. You love him! It was enough to make me wanna throw the damn gun away. Shoot a wall instaed. Give him a heads up that I was trying to kill him. Give him a chance to run. But no. I had a job to do. I cocked the sniper and zoomed in on Cam's head. One shot, that's all I needed. One clean shot to the head, then run for it. Get back to HQ and debrief to General Matisse. I focused the sniper, my finger bouncing on the trigger. Why is this so damn hard? I ask myself. I couldn't do it. I set the gun beside me, setting the safety. I watch Cam across the street. He's looking around, confused. I had called him 30 minutes earlier, telling him to meet me on the corner of Washington and Brooks Park. I tear up watching him, realizing that I had almost just killed the one guy that I've ever really loved. I stand up, leaving the gun lying in the grass, and emerge from the bushes. I cross the street, the harsh streetight burning my eyes. Cam sees me, and smiles. I wave at him, stepping a little quicker now. Then it happens. I hear the faint muffling of what sounds like an underwater clap. But I know all too well that this sound is a silenced sniper. I didn't even have time to react. The sniper must've been close by. I watch in pure horror as Cam falls to the cold pavement. I run as fast as I can to meet his now ifeless body. As I kneel next to him I look around me, searching for the assasin. I can't see anyone. The park is totally empty. I scream out, the tears leaking out faster than I can control. And right then, I swear to myself, I WILL avenge Cam's death. Even it if I get killed in the process. I just know one thing.
    I kill that sniper first.