• Is love supposed to hurt this much? Causing a gaping, large hole in one's chest, waiting...wanting to be filled? A hole where you feel nothing- no pain, no sorrow, no happiness, no joy or sadness...just...Nothing. Nothing...is such an empty feeling, is it not? Does it not want you wishing for something more, something full? Something that can give you the love you want and the joy you seek?

    Is that too much to ask, my friends?
    Is it?

    What price must I pay? What deeds must be done? What must I do, do receive the feeling of love? Happiness, joy? What must it take so I can be whole again?

    Is being whole again even possible if you have gone as far, gone as deep as I have?

    How will it happen? With a simple magic word, will my wish be granted?

    What if the hole in my chest stays? The everlasting pain and emptiness? What am I to do...what am I do to...?