• Some peoples say that my dad was famous, the legendary Harry Potter. But, I never knew how. All I know about him is that he died in a car wreck, always loved me, and I lost him when i was 2. Well, as I grew, I've been trying to get a piece of knowledge about my dad, but I gave up when I was 10. Now, here I am, with my mum, at the age 12 1/2. My 13th birthday was coming up soon. And lately we've been getting sorts of mail that my mum is hiding from me. She never hid mail from me. Mostly because they were just bills and paychecks. Oops! Did I forgot to mention my name? Sorry, my mum tells me that I get it from her. Well, my name is Xena Potter. Now, back to that mail that is bugging the crap out of me. One day, about a week ago from when we first got that one weird mail, my mum yelled from the kitchen, "Honey! Can you get the mail?" I walked down the stairs, surprised to hear that, "You sure you don't want me to look at the mail that we've been getting?"
    "Heh, don't worry, baby! I'm sure they stopped delivering those!"
    "Okay..." When I got through the door, I found out she was wrong. We had tons, tons of that mail, just sitting at the door. I opened the door so I could see the mailman so I can tell him to stop giving us those mail, but I found a bunch of owls instead. It was hard for me to call my mum out because, imagine seeing a bunch of owls on your own car, "Um... mum?"
    "The mail is here..."
    I heard her rushing to me down the hallway, and snatch the mail out of my hands. "Oh no...," she said when she saw the owls, "Great...just great..."
    "What, mum?"
    "Um...nothing, but its just that we are gonna move, 'kay?"
    "Why, just because of the stupid birds?"
    "Yes, start paking, and we are gonna move far far away from these...birds.."
    I walked in but I saw her kinda smiled and said, "Ah..the memories from Hogwarts..."
    "Mum," but she didn't hear me, "GINNNY!" She looked at me blankless when I yelled her name, "Wha..."
    "Packing... Now... Come on"
    "Oh, right!"


    "Are you happy now," I asked when we got to the new house. Well, really, its not even new... There was cobwebs, dirt, and I swear something is alive in my closet... My mum just smiled and said, "Its only for a while... We are just gonna stay here for a week!"
    "Guess what tonight is?"
    "Your birthday! And we will celebrate it tomorrow!"
    She kissed my forehead, "Now, go to sleep!"
    The moment she was gone, I got up, went over to my 'Specail Box', and took out a box of lighters. I took a little candle, lit it up, and watched the clock. When it was 11:59pm I sang 'Happy Birthday' to me and blew out the candle. I thought the candle was magic cause the moment I blew it out, there was hard banging on the door. I fell on the floor, tried to get up, and hid in a corner. The door fell hard on the ground, causing my mum to fall while she came down the stairs. A big man came through and looked at my mum, "..."
    She was also quiet too, but the big man was the first to speak, "Sorry about that! I didn't mean to bang on the door that hard..." He turned around and picked up the door to the right spot, "So, where is Xena?"
    My mum spoke, "My daughter isn't going to Hogwarts..."
    "I'm sorry, but that is not your choice..., " He went over to my hiding spot and bent down to me, "Its yours.."
    I could feel his breath on my cheek, "Um...what is Hogwarts.."
    I saw that my mum was looking at the man weirdly, "Hagrid?"
    He looked over to my mum, "Yea?"
    "Your alive?"
    "Yea, and you are?"
    "Ginny! Ginny Weasly! Well, now its Ginny Potter.. heh. I thought you were dead!"
    "Nah! That was just rumors!"
    "Oh! Haha! Oh! Wait! I still don't want me daughter there..."
    "Remember, that is not your choice... So, Xena... Do you want to come to Hogwarts?"
    I looked at my mum and then at Hagrid, "Yes."

    To be Continued!!