• "hey can you hear me? You there?" "I think he is dead Sir" "No he is not!" "What do you mean?! If we stay here for any longer we will be dead!" "Okay, just put a tracker on him"

    Two Days Later

    Deity stood up and looked around the dark room, he saw flashing lights,and sirens. Tons of blood around the room. Suddenly there was a blue Screen in front of him as a screen appeared in front of him. "Deity can you hear me?" "Yeah who are you?" He responded. "I cant tell you right now" But you need to find me" "Ok, but whats going on" "Cant tell you that either, anyways,That suit you are wearing is called an arch suit. Its a very Durable Suit " Deity looked at the pitch black suit, it was hard to see it in this dark room. "The suit also has A transmitter, which you are using right now and a Locater" "So how did I get this on?" "I put it on over your cloths of course!" The Screen Closed as he Saw Two words NO CONNECTION.He looked around and walked out of the room and into the Hallway. Intruder Alert! Locking down all systems!The walls and Ground started to spit out flames as Deity ran to the door, It was locked. If he didnt find a way out he would die in this very room. He jumped into a Vent and started to crawl through it And it broke In half.