• Prologue

    I was dreaming. I didn’t understand why I ran, but I kept on running deeper and deeper into the dark forest.
    I ended up in a field of white flowers and the moon was full, its radiance shining onto the flowers, making them glow in beauty. I looked around the area, staring at the field of flowers, then, I saw a man in the center of the field looking in my direction. I didn’t know him, but my body reacted on its own accord. I was walking towards him against my will and every step I took, I noticed that he was magnificent, his face and body, perfect, like it was carved by an angel and his hair was jet black with a few blonde highlights and neck length.
    I was now very close to him, I looked up at him, and saw he was amazingly tall; about six foot eight, maybe taller. Then before I knew it, he embraced me in his arms. His skin was warm and comforting but firm. I looked up to study his face once more and saw eyes that were bone chilling; vertical almond shaped pupils and blood red irises. I wanted to get out of his arms and run for my life, but he kissed me. His breath was sweet and the movement in his lips was mesmerizing. I knew that this was a dream, that there’s no being in the world as gorgeous as him, and that can kiss with so much passion and lust, but everything felt so real. His tongue danced around mine making my heart skip a beat. I tried to kiss him back, but being inexperienced in tongue kissing made me stop the second I started. Then there was a sharp, piercing pain on the left side of my neck. I screamed in agony, but my voice was muffled, and everything went black.