• I immediately went upstairs to change from my regular clothes, to the ones I am going to wear. My sweetheart neckline black tank top with a ruffed trim, its buttoned on the front so I could put it on easier, with a self-belt attached on my waist, and a smocked inset touch on the back. Then to complete my outfit, I throw in a pair of dark blue jeans and black high-heel boots. In addition, for the final touch, I wear my class ring.
    As I looked at my full-length mirror, I put on some dark blue eye shadow to match the outfit. I took a quick look at my alarm clock and it was already seven-thirty. I did not have time to eat supper, so I made a tuna salad sandwich. After that, I went to the upstairs bathroom. Therefore, I could brush my teeth and do other things while I was in there.
    I went back to my room again to find my purse, but I realized I left it in my backpack. I forgot it was even there, but I always brought my purse just in case. Therefore, I took it out of my backpack and made sure I had everything I need. All right, I all set for the dance, I think. Then suddenly, I heard a car coming in the driveway. I think it is probably Seth waiting in the car. I grabbed my purse again and headed downstairs. Before I headed out the door, I went to the kitchen and wrote a message on the kitchen table.
    I grabbed my red letterman jacket from the coat closet and went outside. Then, I heard some classic rock music from Seth’s radio. He always likes to listen on the radio. As I started walking to his car, I heard a noise behind me. I turned around, but nobody was there. I opened the car door and I heard the noise again, but came from the bushes beside the house. I went to check it out, but the noises stopped. I was confused and walked back to the car.
    “Hey Anna…What were you doing in the bushes?” he asked with a smile on his face as I got in.
    “I thought I heard someone, but I think my mind is playing tricks on me.”
    Seth laughed as he drove out the driveway, “Maybe it’s just squirrels.”
    “I guess,” I shrugged.
    “Say…did you watch the news yesterday?”
    “No I didn’t… why?” I asked.
    “There was another incident just on the outskirts of town.”
    “Really… who was it?”
    “I think it’s one of the students there at the college.”
    “What happen to them?” I kept asking.
    “Do you really want to know?”
    “Yes,” I replied nervously.
    Seth hesitated and then began to tell me what had happened on the outskirts of town, “Well…from what I hear from one of my friends, the police found the body, but it was badly mutilated and couldn’t be recognized. They finally were able to identify the body after they found her purse.”
    Seth’s news left me speechless and scared. We stopped talking a couple blocks away from the high school. I just could not believe that our town was being terrorized. I mean, why were people being threaten in this town in the first place? Am I going to be next?
    I was going to ask Seth that question, but he had stopped the car. We were at the school and I heard some loud music at the dance. It was very loud, but not loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.
    “Thanks for the ride, Seth,” I said as I opened the door.
    “Yea no problem… anytime you needed a lift… just give me a call.”
    “Okay…bye,” I said as I closed the car door.
    As I watched Seth drive away, I went inside and put my coat in my locker. Then I entered the gym and I still managed to get through the huge crowd with some help from the two seniors, Amy Fickler and Jared Brunswick.
    “Hey Anna…We’re over here!” Amy said.
    “Hey guys… you just got here too?” I asked.
    “No… we were here for a while, right Jared?”
    “Ha ha… yes we have dear,” he laughed.
    “Say Anna… didn’t you bring a date?” she asked.
    I shook my head, “No, I couldn’t find one because they were taken.”
    “Oh you poor thing… maybe I can help you find someone,” she volunteered.
    “Yea… that would be great,” I smiled. As Amy and I kept searching in this huge crowd, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the direction she is going.
    “I think I saw someone entering the gym.”
    “Really… who is it?” I asked.
    “I don’t know, but he looks very cute though,” she said, as I looked the same direction. It was hard to tell, but he looked like he is in his early twenties and wore dark shades, dark jeans, and a leather jacket. His hair was wavy and dark brown. I guess he was leaning back against the wall. “You should check him out,” she said.
    “Yea I should,” I said as I slowly walked to take a closer look at him, but he spotted me right away.
    “Hello there,” he smiled.
    “Um Hi… You want to dance with me?” I asked as I smiled back.
    “Sure,” he replied as a slow song started to play. Then, he took me by the hand and escorted me to the dance floor. As we slow dance, I heard someone giggling from behind. Then all of a sudden, someone threw water balloons at me, but it filled with green paint. I looked up at him and his face looked surprised. I quickly looked away so he would not see me weep and I started running towards the gym door. I kept running down the hall trying to find an exit to get away from the embarrassment in this school.
    I was outside the school and I was going to call Seth, but I did not want him to see me like this. Therefore, I decided to walk home from the high school this cold and cloudy night. Then suddenly, I saw a tall, dark figure standing in the distance. It walked closer and closer and closer, but then suddenly it stopped. The person was standing a few feet away from me. At first, I could not see who it was in the darkness, but when the moonlight broke through the clouds, I could clearly see he that was no ordinary man. He wore a dark hooded sweatshirt with baggy pants. His black hair cut short.
    “Who are you?” I asked in panic. He stared at me for a while with his bright red eyes, but never said a word. Then he smiled wide at me, showing his razor sharp fangs. Suddenly, I felt some kind of force was pushing my entire body towards him, as if I was under a spell. I could not control myself. Then I stopped right in front of him, just stood here and I was unable to move. Then he grabbed my arms and he held me close, close enough to feel him breathing on my neck. “W-What are you doing?” I panicked.
    “I’m going to kill you and drain you dry,” he whis-pered into my ear.
    I gasped, “Noh.”
    “Hey vampire… Let her go!” I heard another person from the distance, but he sounded very similar. Is he the same person I danced with in the gym?
    “And you are?” the vampire asked.
    “The name’s Alexander, a hunter who kills vampires like you.” The vampire laughed and pulled out his Colt 45 pistol and shot Alexander in the head. Alexander suddenly dropped to the ground. Alexander chuckled. Then he stood up and walked towards the vampire.
    “Another vampire…no…that’s impossible!” the vam-pire said as he was shooting at Alexander until he had no bullets.
    Alexander laughed; “Guns won’t work on me!” he pulled out his 13-mm Vampire Exterminator 2000 revolver, and pointed at the vampire. “Die you Demon!”
    The vampire ran behind me, using me as his shield. “Don’t shoot, hunter! You wouldn’t hit a young lady now, would you?”
    Alexander smiled, showing his sparkling fangs, “My lady, what’s your name?”
    “Um…It’s…its Anna…Anna Sincer,” I stuttered.
    “Anna… do you want to live?”
    “What are you doing?” The vampire panicked.
    “I said do you want to live?” Alexander said impa-tiently.
    “You…you wouldn’t dare!” The vampire yelled.
    “Answer me!” Alexander yelled and was ready to shoot.
    “Y-Yes, I’ll live!” I panicked.
    The vampire gasped. Alexander smiled again and shot me, and the vampire. We spurted out blood from our mouths, and I dropped to the ground. The vampire shrieked and turned into a pool of blood. I was bleeding out from my wound and I could not breathe well. As I looked up into the sky, I saw Alexander slowly walking to me.
    “I had to shoot you to pierce his heart, but it was your choice Anna,” he said in a sweet accent.
    “I-I know,” I whispered. Alexander smiled again and kneeled down next to me. He lifted my head from the hard ground. I closed my blue eyes as he pressed his cold lips to my neck. Then he sank his teeth into my veins. The pain was throbbing through my entire body, but it feels like my whole body is on fire. Then, I felt cold but I cannot move. I do not feel my limbs moving. Am I dead?
    Suddenly, I tasted some kind of a liquid entering into my mouth. It tasted very coppery, but it is chocking me! My body suddenly started to shake uncontrollably, as if I am having a seizure. What is happening to me? What the hell is happening to me! Then suddenly, I felt someone holding me down with force so I do not shake so much.
    Then everything was black, no light, no sound, and no breath from my lungs. Am I dead? Then, someone had pulled me off the ground and carried me. Where are we going?
    I suddenly heard creepy noises around me. I felt scared, but somehow I feel safe. Suddenly, I heard a car door opened and the noises stopped. I suddenly heard a similar voice “Thanks Fred.”
    “A-Alex…” I whispered.
    “It’s alright Anna, you’re safe,” Alexander said, as I heard the car started to move.
    “I’m s-so th-thirsty,” I was trying to say more, but my throat was so dry it was hard to talk.
    “Here…drink this…you will feel much better,” but I still could not move and could not see anything. Then, I felt a glass cup touching my lips and there was the same coppery taste started coming down into my mouth and down my throat. I felt a little better, but then I felt tired. I rested my head on Alexander’s shoulder and I wanted to say something to him, but I was too tired to say anything. As I think about what has happened to me, I fell asleep.

    End of Chapter 1