• Sally leaned towards Riju, the Straps burning at her chest. Rubbing her breast red raw. But as she gazed into the beautiful (yet deadly) God's eyes, all the pain seemed to just melt away into sheer pasion and love.
    Time seemed to slow, and everything seemed to become unimportant compared to the amazing statuesque figure standing in front of her, she forgot everything.
    How her old town of Oken had been destroyed, how everything and everyone she knew was gone.

    If you were there you could've heard a pin drop, and it remained so until...
    "SO" Boomed Riju, slamming his fist onto her shoulder. Sally winced, but dared not scream. The atmosphere shattered suddenly, into a million heart shattering pieces.
    And just as the atmosphere had shattered so too had the beautiful face of Riju, now all she saw was a dark hooded figure standing as if meaning to block the light.
    Her chest and eyes glared with pain and misery.
    And her heart beat was getting slower, her lungs were struggling to work properly from the presure of the ropes against her.
    "I'm really not hungry at the moment sally, but i AM feeling a little devilish so..." Riju's voice trailed off as if he was going to shout. indeed he was "NIKKI... CAN YOU HEAR ME!!" Sally's face dropped. Her mother was here!! Her amazing, beautiful, fabulous mother. Slowly, as Sally tried to consider how she could've got there, a small ragged figure emerged from the shadows. That and a familiar voice, "I am here oh wise Riju, God of the dark sun" But even though it was Nikki, Sally couldn't bring herself to face it.
    Her whole body was covered in bruises and scars, as if she had undergone something extreme.
    Sally couldn't take the silence much more so she shouted at Riju. "WHAT'VE YOU DONE TO MY MOM?" as she shouted a smile crept across both Riju and Nikki's faces. But it wasn't a kindly smile, it was a sly and knowing smile.
    Her mother was the first to reply, saying simply "I have been converted!"
    To be continued