• Sigh yet again more singing crap! Len thought as he walked down the hall. And now there’s a new girl! Just freaking perfect! God my life couldn’t be any better! he walked humming a song and turned the corner and there he saw her: Long teal green hair, Teal eyes and smiling. My lord…who is she.

    He stopped and saw the girl staring at him with her big green
    eye’s smiling at him “ohh and this is Len…” Mekio continued “Len show the new girl around” just the thought of that made Len blush as bright as a tomato.
    “Hello im miku” the girl said smiling “nice too meet you uhh….Len ya Len!” Len smiled and thought She knows my name! “yes it’s Len now come with me” he smiled at miku and she fallowed.

    “This is your room” Len said pointing to a room with a pink door “pink…really...” miku sighed “yes the girl's picked it out you don’t like pink?” Len tilted his head in confusion. “well yes I like teal more” miku shrugged and walked in. She doesn’t like pink wow she is cool! Len thought. Len started to walk away when he herd “Len help me!” “Miku!” Len shouted and he slammed the door open. “ughh..get her off!!” miku demanded while a little blond girl was on top if her hugging her “Rin really?” Len sighed “Brother!” Rin got off of miku and miku smiled in happiness “Brother! There is a new girl!” Rin jumped up and down in excitement. “ I know Rin that’s Miku she is new” Len smiled a awkward smile at miku “hello Rin..” miku said still laying on floor trying to catch breath.

    “Well I must-“ Len stopped and saw something he will never forget: Miku didn’t realize it but her leg’s were up and her underwear was teal with…leeks on it. “Uhh….i...got...to go!” Len ran out blushing so badly. “What was that about?” miku asked “I really don’t know brother has been acting weird lately” Rin jump on her bed eating a orange.
    I saw here underwear! I can’t believe it! Len thought to him self today’s going to be great! Len smiled as he walked to choir.