• name-Fox Katsunir
    body type-well built

    body type-average
    ~monday during school~
    Fox stepped into the class and took her seat.the room was loud with winter break gossip.the teacher hushed the room as a new student walked in.his name was De'Von and he had been her friend for years online.he immediately took the seat next to her and smiles.
    she waved lazily and looked away.
    "something wrong?"he asked concerned.
    she stood and left the room.

    ~45 minutes later~
    De'Von walked out of class 5 minutes early and headed down the hall to his next class. half way there Fox came up to him and pulled her into the commons. they looked deep into each others eyes and she cried. he pulled her into the safety of his arms and held her close."its alright,Fox...ive got you"he whispered to her over and over again.
    she sobbed heavily"im so scared,De."
    "why are you scared,sweety?"
    she pulled back and looked at him."because i think i love you,De."
    he smiled."dont be scared sweety,cause i love you too."
    he took her hand and walked with her to the girls restroom so she could clean up then he walked her to her class.

    ~friday after school~
    De'Von took her hand as they sat on the large stone in the meadow behind her house. she rested her head on his knee and sighed.
    "how can you love me,De?"she asked for the 5th time.
    he chuckled. "because beauty is only skin deep,sweety. and it never lasts forever."
    she stood and looked down at him."so im ugly?"
    "no your not"he reached out and took her hand again,having dropped it when she stood."please come here."
    she stepped closer to him and closed her eyes."what?"
    he lifted her shirt and kissed her stomach."i dont care if your plus sized or a size 2...i dont care if your brunette or blonde...i love you"
    she lifted his head up and smiled"i love you too,De."
    "kiss me,Fox...please."
    "No,De'Von...not yet"
    she pulled on his hand and led her to her room.her parents where gone and her sister was at work and she was ready.

    ~the following monday
    "hey,Fox...can i talk to you?"
    "whats up,De?"
    "i dont think this is gonna work out,sweety."
    she felt the tears sting her eyes."why not?"
    a popular senior came up and took his arm in hers and kissed his cheek."cause hes with me now,junior...run along."she smirked
    Fox growled softly and balled up her hand.
    "Fox im sorry."De'Von whispered.the girl laughed.
    Fox lashed out,first punching her in the face then again in the stomach."you b***h!"
    De'Von watched in wonder then smiled."good girl!"
    Fox looked at him and growled louder."you a**..."she lashed out again and slapped him across the face and walked away.

    Fox missed school for a full week before her parents returned and found her in her room,covered in her own blood. she was laying ontop of a boy they hadnt met. both with bullets in their hearts. the police found a note in his pocket
    ~I Love you Fox,forever and always yours

    they were buried together under a bed of white roses