• tab The screaming kept going on. It's impossible when all you can here is your drunk father screaming "I'll kill you you ungrateful b*****d!" and your brother just laughs in responce, til Matthew brings out his fists...
    tab Matthew, sadly, is my father. And he has had a nasty drinking problem since my mother died. I guess Sam and I irrate him. Or that he needs to punch us in the face to let out his guilt. Since it is Matthew's fault that mother isn't here to help me study or to get Sammy off the drugs.:
    tab If only she were here, then I wouldn't be afraid to come home, I wouldn't be scared that Matthew's drunk again... As if I needed another punch in the face.
    SMACKI looked back to see my father. His short brown hair was ruffled up in a mess, his eyes were bloodshot, and the bottle on gin in his left hand had his fingers holding onto loosely.
    "b***h, get up."
    "I have a name Matthew!"
    "Does it look like I give a s**t?"