• the two lovers sit high in the Manzano Mountains in new mexico, watching the sun slowly dip behind the rocks. the stones become a bright purple-ish red as the sun lowers.

    jade smiles and snuggles closer to her love, sighing happily. this has always been her favorate place ever sinse she was just a kitten.

    she looks up at the large wolf who's holding her close " hey izzzy" she says quietly. she isn't sure why. maybe because if she speaks too loudly, the moment will fall apart.

    "yes, kitthen?" his low voice pours onto her fur like honey.

    "i love you" jade smiles, this is the first time she's said this to him.... and she can't remember saying it to anyone other than radar.

    illizia gently nuzzles his mate's neck "i love you too, sugar" she could hear the smile in his voice.

    their paws interlock and they lay there, watching the clear Albuquerque night. each star twinkles brilliantly, as if shining in a way that describes the way jade feels.

    "jade, will you count the stars for me?" illizia says

    jade looks up at him "but that's immpossable."

    he smiles "few things are impossable when i have you here."

    jade's small muzzle turns pink and she giggles softly. she could have sworn her heart was playing Should Be Loved, or maybe it was her soul.