• Eryn's pov
    Bill tighlty gripped onto my t-shirt, soaking it with tears and eyeliner. I swear the universe had to be punishing me... Or maybe it was just Mika- Mika, my damned twin brother, always crushing my gay friends hearts...
    "Billa, don't cry, he's not worth the tears... and my shirts, that I am rather fond of.."
    "I-I'm s-so sorry Eryn.... I k-know you love your clothes, a-and I'm just ruining it. A-aren't I...?"
    I sighed. Oh god... Please just ******** kill me...
    "It's fine sweetie... I'll just go to back to hot topic.. Again..."
    The door slowly opened, Mika walked though the door and his eyes instantly widened.
    "B-Bill...?" I smiled wickedly at him and slowly waved at him.
    "Hi Mika, why are you home so early?"