• It started as any other day would. I woke up, got dressed, and went to work. At work I found my self at the same station I’d always been in, two doors to the right when you walk in. My best friend worked with me in the station right beside me. We worked at a black smith shop. We specialized in swords mostly, and are known for the uniqueness of them. Often, we would have competitions with one anther to see who could make a better sword for the category. This time we were competing in elegance. I had the gift of some gold scrapes that I used to coat the hilt and wrap up onto the base of the blade slightly. I used a combination of char and water to turn the blade white while still keeping its durability. My best friend, on the other hand, didn’t have as much luck. He only had silver scrapes, but used them rather creatively. He made his sword’s blade black in color and spiked the hilt outwards. He covered the hilt in silver, but also the sharp side of the blade.

    The next day we put our swords on display in protective glass cases. People came in, marveled at the two blades, and cast there vote. After the better part of the day we tallied the votes. Mine won, but only by a few votes. My sword was randomly sold to one of the voters for a reduced price. After cleaning up we closed down our stations and walked outside. Brandishing his sword, my friend recalled making it and all the work that went into it.

    “Yeah,” I said “there is a bit of sorrow in winning.”

    My friend nodded “Winning means giving your sword away.”

    We both sighed and continued to walk back to our homes. We split ways at a fork in the road. I heard the sound of metal going through flesh from the way my friend just went. I ran back to the fork in the road then I took the path my friend takes. I saw someone pull there sword out of a body and run. I ran over to the body to see who it was.

    My best friend lay next to me, dead from the sword that had pierced his heart. The murderer had fled the scene as soon as the deed was done. I called 911, while I tried to keep the blood in his body so he could be revived. An ambulance sped towards us, followed closely by a few police cars. The medics rushed towards my friend and quickly got him onto a stretcher. The Police investigated the scene and interrogated me about the incident. I told them all I know, I told about running to the scene and seeing someone pull a sword out of my friends back.

    “What did the weapon look like?” the police officer asked

    “It was mainly white with a gold hilt….” I trailed off thinking about it. That wasn’t the sword I made was it? It couldn’t be… there’s no way someone would use my sword to kill my friend.

    “Sir, are you ok?” asked the police officer, seeing me phase out.

    “Huh, what?.. Oh, yeah.. I’m fine..”

    “Don’t worry sir, we’ll find the man who did this.”

    That was one month ago. The whole time has been hellish. Everywhere I go it reminds me of my friend. I even have his sword in a memorial display case. The Police have been so far unable to find him, but I think they’ve given up on this case. I haven’t received a call from them for the past few days now.

    I made my usual breakfast before I started my day. Eggs, bacon, and home fries are what I usually ate, but ever since he died I’ve been burning everything. I switched, instead, to making freezer breakfasts. I sat down to eat when a note slipped under my door. I walked over to my door and stared at the note, before I picked it up. I picked up the small envelope and opened it. The contents of the note read “If you want to fight, come to the alley at six”

    I grabbed my friend’s sword, it was the only one I had at the house that was in fighting condition. At 5:30 I departed for the alley where my friend was killed, brandishing his sword the whole time. As I got the alley I slowed my pace and kept my hand on the hilt of my sword. I searched for, but a second, before I saw a shadowy figure leaning against the wall.

    “So you came.” The man said, walking out of the shadows

    “Yes, I did… who are you?” I asked, still unable to see him clearly

    “Oh, you don’t recognize me? I am after all…” he stopped with the shadows still covering his face “your most valued costumer.”

    “Wait… you the one that bought my last sword?”

    “Yes, very good, you do remember.”

    “Why’d you kill my friend?” I asked angrily

    “Well, isn’t it obvious?” he asked as though everyone should know “He’s one who causes death… just like you.”

    I was stunned “What do you mean we cause death? You killed him!” I drew my sword out of anger and pointed it towards him “Why don’t we finish this?”

    “Yes, lets.”

    He drew his sword and lunged at me. The white blade stuck out in the dark alley way, something he didn’t think about perhaps? It didn’t matter though, because before long life would be a fleeting dream… for one of us. I parried his lung and followed up with a punch to his chest, which knocked him back. Taking the advantage of knocking him off balance, I thrusted my sword foreword, which he just barely avoided. Tuning my blade towards him, I slashed in his direction. He blocked the swipe with a quick parry and ducked under my sword. He sliced at my legs, but before his sword cut flesh I jumped and was coming down with a vertical slash. He rolled back, but my black blade was splashed with red as I cut his back. He yelped, as a dog would if you stepped on its tail. He tried to stand, but the blood just flowed out of his back even more. Unable to stand he knew he was unable to fight.

    “Go ahead,” he said, glaring at me “kill me. It’s the reason you make these blasted swords anyway.

    Walking over to him I gave one fluent slice down ward which caused his sword to drop and made him scream. “There… killing you is never what I wanted, only to make you regret your actions.” I started to walk away “Those tendons in your wrists will never heal, you can no longer hurt anyone, and as such killing you would be unjustified murder.” With that I collected both swords and walked away, leaving him to do as he pleased.