• I was still gawking at the empty hall, when Snow walked in. She stopped when she saw me staring at nothing.
    "Hey," she says with concern, "You okay?" I shake my head quickly, and then force a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine," she looks at me, questions in her eyes, "Seriously, I'm fine.” After a few moments, Snow seems to accept that nothing is wrong. How I wish I could tell her everything, but I couldn’t risk not seeing her ever again.
    I turn into my room, and fall back onto my bed. Just as I let my eyes close, I feel the bed shift as Snow joins me. “Are you sure you’re okay?” she asks in a soft voice. I keep my eyes closed and nod, doing my best to fight back tears.
    We’re at school by the time I realize that my “future self” put some finishing touches on our project. Not only was it actually working, but it was producing much more power than Snow and I anticipated. We had barely been at school for an hour, and I’ve already charged several peoples phones, recharged two old batteries, and powered a plug in light for ten solid minutes. I was beginning to think he added something I didn’t know about.
    “Just what the hell did he do?” I ask myself when I’m sitting at my desk for first period English. Normally when a student doesn’t pay attention to the teacher they get in trouble, but I have already memorized the entire class book, so I could afford a little slaking off. After a lengthy investigation of the panel, I finally notice that instead of two wires, there are now three.
    One black and one green, these are the wires I used. The third, however, was a dark shade of purple. The wire itself was innocent enough; the problem was that it didn’t connect to any sort of power source. The circuit was incomplete, as far as I could tell. Stranger still, the wire almost seems to glow, upon close inspection.
    It wasn’t until lunch period, that I could sit down in the silence of the library to examine it completely.
    “Be prepared,” the voice comes out of nowhere, “That is the first rule you need to learn.” I quickly turn around, and find myself starring at my doppelgänger, yet again. Though, this time, it looks as if he has been running through a forest fire. His clothes are blackened by soot; they were almost charred in some places. His skin had a dark tinge to it, as if he had rolled in the soot before coming here, but what stood out the most was a golden chain hanging out of his pocket. It was completely clean.
    “What are you doing here?” I whisper loudly. He just stares at me, for what felt like an eternity, and then says, “I’m here to prepare you for the coming storm. No more, and no less.” His tone is tired, almost exhausted. I look around, and notice that no one is looking, or even paying attention to us.
    “I see you noticed,” He walks up to the librarian, and snaps his fingers, right next to her ear. “Right now, we are both displaced by one second in the time stream.” His eyes hold a small spark of pride, “No one, except other time travelers, can see, hear, feel, or even smell us.”
    I slowly get to my feet and look around. One second out of time, “This is amazi-,” before I can finish speaking, I go over his words. Then it hits me, “Wait, everyone except other time travelers? You mean there are others?” He looks at me in surprise, and then his face turns red in embarrassment.
    “Damn, spoilers,” after saying this he turns around and walks through a door marked Storage. I rush after him, but by the time I get through the door, he has already disappeared. Again.