• My name is Adeline Moore, but am more commonly known as ‘Addie.’ I am twenty-seven years old, live in Mobridge, South Dakota, and work at the Escape on Main salon and spa. It’s a rather new job for me; was hired shortly after you cheated on me with that black hole with legs who I used to think was my best friend. That was almost eight months ago. Then after you left, I decided to start over; I have a new look and a new perspective on life. But you didn’t know…

    As I was working behind the front desk at the salon, taking calls and scheduling appointments, not a single thought in my mind had ever suspected that I would see you again. I thought I had gotten over it, moved on, was better off without you. I was right two-out-of-three. The moment you walked in, I recognized you immediately and I felt my heart stop in my chest. It only took a second for me to realize that you didn’t recognize me in return. It then occurred to me that I had given myself a whole new makeover after the breakup and I looked like a completely different person.

    Back when you and I were dating, I used to have straight auburn hair that went down to the middle of my back. I had (and still technically have) dark green eyes and was a bit on the chunky side. But, only weeks after you cheated and moved in with her, I cut off almost all of my hair up to my chin, dyed it a beautiful gold-blonde, and curled it so it had a seemingly natural wave. I now wear blue contact lenses instead of the clunky, black glasses, and wear light make-up. I also made a point of losing weight and working out, resulting in the slender, curvy body which was nicely accentuated by my work uniform.

    I wear a white, button-down tunic that had a fitted waist, a small stand-up collar, and little bows on my ¾ sleeves. My skirt, form-fitting and white, stopped right above the knees with a zipper in the back, showing off my stunning long legs. My white 1800s’-styled, 6-inch heel added to my appearance as well with a lace up the front. The only thing about me that could have given me away was my name tag reading ‘Adeline’. Thankfully, you were too stupid.

    As you walked up to the desk, a bright smile spread over my glossy, pink lips as I said, “Welcome to Escape on Main. What can I do for you today, M… Sir?” I caught myself as I began to say your name. I didn’t want you to know it was me. That’s when it occurred to me: I could finally get my revenge on you. Humiliate you for what you did to me.

    I glanced down at the little black schedule book lying open in front of me on the desk before exclaiming, “It says here that you are our 1,000th customer! Congratulations! You have one a full-day, top-quality make-over on the house. My name is Addie and I will be taking care of you today.”

    I winced when my name slipped out of habit. I could feel my nerves growing hot when I saw the expression of puzzlement on your face. To remedy my potential mistake, I quickly stepped out from behind the counter and placed my hand on your shoulder and guided you back to the spa treatment room. “Come with me, please.

    “Today, I am going to make you into a whole new person. You will catch the eye of women everywhere, turn heads,” I continued to explain as I schemed up a delectable plan that would destroy you forever. The transformation of a lifetime.

    I led you to a very comfortable chair in a separate room, locking the door behind us quietly enough so you wouldn’t hear it click. All the necessary products and tools were already in the room, ready to be used. I had your strip of everything except your boxers, setting your clothing and miscellaneous items on the far counter, then I sat you down in the chair and lie back in a lounging position.

    “First, I am going to get you set up so that I can do waxing, manicure, pedicure, and massage,” I said as I grabbed a bottle of the salon’s best exfoliating cream and began to put it onto your face and under your chin, leaning your head back then placing a cucumber slice on each eye. “The waxing may be uncomfortable at first but I will just need you to stay relaxed. I will let you know when to take a deep breath, alright?”

    I could see your body quickly relax, a long, drawn-out sigh exhaling from your chest as it slowly fell. A devious grin replaced the mock-smile as I looked about the room for what I was should use first. I rinsed off my hands of the exfoliating cream and found myself heating up the wax, listening to the soft mood music in the background. Once I was satisfied, I went back over to you and began to pour the wax over your legs. I saw you tense up from the heat. “Relax, Sir… Take slow, deep breaths and it will be over soon.”

    I placed one of the strips down on the wax and counted for you in a soothing tone. Once I saw you relax the best you could, I ripped of paper as fast as I could; only leaving a hairless patch of skin on your leg. “See? It wasn’t so bad,” I cooed with a grin. I noted that your hands gripped the arms of the chair tightly so I gently patted one of them and you relaxed once more. This was repeated over a dozen more time just on the legs. By the time 45 minutes was up, I had managed to wax your entire body except for the area beneath your boxers, including your eyebrows and any facial hair.

    I then had you lie on your stomach on a massage table. I started out with a back cleansing treatment by massaging your back then used an exfoliating scrub and deep pore cleansing. Once finished with that, I began to work out the muscles all along your body with a honey body scrub seaweed cream. I knew this would make your skin silky and soft like that of a woman’s, working it deep into your body. I could smell the honey, almonds, and buttermilk aroma coming from your body. I noticed that you were falling on the table from the luxurious massage so I woke you enough to move you back to the chair where you could fall asleep once more as I moved onto the next stage of my plan, but not before I washed off the facial cream and replaced the cucumber.

    As soon as I was confident you had fully gone to sleep, I brought out the manicure and pedicure set. French tips, I thought. French tips and nail art will do the trick. Then I will give you a whole new hairstyle and make-up…

    I found a stool and set it up beside your chair as you slept and began to work away at your hands and feet, styling them into French tips with a beautiful, red flower design on each one then applying a cover that would make the design and polish durable and lasting. I looked over my handiwork one more time then moved on to my next task so that they could dry. I carefully removed the cucumbers and threw them away, bringing over a make-up kit.

    I must not wake him so I will do light make-up and add fake eyelashes, I decided. I applied a light layer of foundation over your face, long-lasting pale lipstick, and eye-popping, eyeliner to your eyes. I then took special care to not wake you as I glued the fake eyelashes to your eyelids.

    “Time to the fun part,” I said in a mischievous purr. I moved behind you and washed and rinsed your hair. I then mixed up a light colored dye before painting it into your dark hair and wrapping it in foil to sit for a while. It took a long time do cover your entire head with the dye and foil and even longer to dry as you slumbered. After several times of checking and much impatience to put the finishing touches to her scheme, your hair was finally dry enough to work with.

    “Snip, snip,” I chuckled as I opened and closed a pair of scissors then assaulted your now bleach blonde hair, trimming it down, and styling it into a cute bob-cut. I then gelled it close to your head to the way women in the fifties had done it.

    Taking a step back, my work was finally through. The end result was better than I could have ever expected. If it weren’t for the boxers and lack of breasts, I might have mistaken you for just any other woman that came into Escape to Main. A satisfied smirk curled from cheek to cheek as I cleaned up everything and put it back to the way it was before. I had to do one more thing before I felt like I truly had justice.

    I wrote on a small card, folded it in half, and placed it on your chest gently. I then placed a small kiss on your forehead, leaving a small, glossy kiss-print, and turned away, leaving you asleep on the chair. Justice was served.

    “You shouldn’t have cheated…”