• Lucy woke to the sound of her little brother talking in her ear about how she was so busted and as she began getting ready for the first day of school after spring break she knew exactly what her brother was talking about, apparently she hadn’t been as quiet as she thought she had when she was sneaking through the kitchen window at 4am last night. As she walked into the kitchen she only had to look at the furrowed brow on her father’s face to know that he was absolutely furious, her mother was no exception her face was so red she wondered if she had been using the cheap face cream again, but no her mother was just as furious as her father if not more.

    Sitting down to her breakfast Lucy was about to make up a story as to why she had been sneaking around the house at 4am when her mother turned to her and said that she was tired of it. Lucy gave her mother a confused look. Don’t give me that look Lucy her mother said, you know what im talking about, im talking about your temper tantrums, fighting with your brother and sneaking out when you think we are asleep, we may be old and stupid in your eyes but in reality we are far from it. Enough is enough you father and I have talked about this and have decided it’s time you learned how to behave, we are sending to boarding school.

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!, Lucy stood up so abruptly she caused the cereal bowl on her knee to topple off and smash on the floor, she felt like screaming in her mother’s face but knew that that would only make the situation even worse. And before you start hatching a plan to run away again you should know that your bedroom window has been nailed shut and we will be locking you in your room until we take you to the airport tomorrow said her father with an angry yet somewhat solemn look in his eye. Lucky knew at that moment that it had been her mother’s decision to send her away and her father was just going along with it like he always did. Lucky never saw her father as the authority figure in the family; it was her mother who wore the pants in this family.

    As she sat contemplating her fate Lucy could think about nothing but the fact that she was stuck in her room the last night before her parents flew her off to some boarding school, she couldn’t believe her mother was doing this to her, surely sneaking out of the house every once in a while and arguing with her brother didn’t warrant being flown half way around the country away from her friends and family. Apparently her mother didn’t see things that way, all she cared about was getting her to behave like the perfect daughter, like that was ever going to happen.

    When she finally fell asleep that night all Lucy dreamt about was a beautiful mansion type building which she thought her school might look like as she was looking at the building she noticed a strange looking boy stood in the entrance, as her dream self-began walking toward him he said something she couldn’t hear, she was about to ask him what he was saying when all of a sudden he was in front of her grasping her tightly by the shoulders, her dream self-began panicking telling him to let her go, just before she woke up from the dream she heard the boy say something which sent a chill down her spine, stay away they’ll get you if they find you. At that point she woke up, sweat causing her hair to stick to her face.

    That morning all Lucy could think about was the boy in her dream, how could she dream of something like that, something wasn’t right and she could feel in deep inside, she just couldn’t think of any reason to be dreaming about a random guy telling her to stay away, and why would anyone want to hurt her, she was a naughty child but wasn’t every teenage girl misbehaved sometimes. She put the dream of that night in the back of her mind and began packing for the trips to the boarding school where she would to her dismay be spending the next two years of her life. She wasn’t worried however; surely her mother wouldn’t leave her half way across the country for two whole years. No, she was bound to come collect her after a few weeks. She hoped.

    At 10:15 Lucy her parents and her younger brother began their two hour car journey to the airport, Lucy didn’t say a word to either of her parents, she figured giving them the silent treatment would make them feel guilty about shipping her off to boarding school. Her brother was upset that she was going, he had told her that morning that it wouldn’t be the same around the house without her, deep down Lucy knew that her brother was the only person she really was going to miss, after all her friends hadn’t even replied to any of her texts, apparently being shipped off to boarding school meant their friendship was over. Lucy was nervous when they got to the airport, her parents knew how much she hated flying, she chose not to say a word to them even when they were saying farewell at the gate. She hugged her little brother and told him that she would be back before he knew it even if it meant breaking out of her soon to be prison and hitching a ride back. As she said her final farewell she walked through the security barrier turning back only to give her brother a reassuring smile to tell him she would be okay. As she boarded the plane a single tear ran down the side of her cheek, that fact that she was leaving finally hit her and she began silently sobbing as she took her window seat on the plane next to a tall Asian guy wearing headphones.

    At 5;30 her plane landed in Chicago airport. While waiting at the carousel for her duffel bag Lucy noticed a guy standing holding a board with her name on it, apparently her parents didn’t trust her to find her own way to the school. Lucy collected her bags and followed the guy holding the name board out of the airport doors and into a stylish Mercedes Benz. Well she could say one thing about the school, they did have taste. It took forty five minutes for them to arrive at the school and the drive was spent sitting in silence, the driver hadn’t even bothered to put the radio on.

    As she got out of the car and went round to the back of the car to collect her bags she noticed something which surprised her, she was standing outside the building from her dream, how could she possibly have dreamt about the school before she had even seen it, it was impossible. It was as she was being led through the school by the dean, who she was told was to be called dean Walters, that she noticed brochures about the school pinned to a small notice board, which must have been why she dreamt about the building before she had seen it, her parents must have shown her a school brochure. Yes that must be why. As she was following the dean up a third flight of stairs Lucy suddenly lost her footing and before she knew what was happening he was heading over the bannister, she would have gone over had it not been for a strong hand grabbing her around the waist at the last minute.

    Lucy was shaking as she looked into the eyes of the boy who had saved her. As she looked closer at his face she almost screamed as she noticed who he was. He was the guy from her dream. As he was stood talking to the dean she took a closer look at his face and began to feel dizzy before she knew what was happening she saw the floor coming toward her.

    When she woke up she had no idea where she was, it wasn’t until a plump woman with short brown hair wearing a white uniform walked toward her that she realized she must be in the nurses office. The nurse informed her that the shock of almost falling over the bannister had caused her to pass out. Lucy listened to what the nurse was saying but inside she knew the real reason she had passed out. The guy from her dream was here in the school. All she knew was that she had to get out of this office and track him down; she had to find out why she had dreamt of him before ever coming to the school. As she tried getting up from the bed the nurse placed a form hand on her shoulder and told her that she needed to rest, Lucy had no time to rest and as the nurse turned to deal with a petite girl laying in the bed next to her with what looked like a broken arm, she took the opportunity and ran to the door and out of the office.

    She had no idea where she was going, all she knew was that she had to find the boy from her dream and find out what the hell was going on. She needed to find out if he somehow dreamt the same dream that she had had. She knew it was unlikely that he had had the same dream she had but what other explanation could there be. She was turning yet another corner and was stopped in her tracks, there he was. It seemed he had noticed her to as he began walking toward her. As he got within reach she grabbed him by the lapels of his school jacket and pushed him into an empty classroom.

    Closing the door of the room she turned to the guy and noticed that he didn’t look at all concerned with the fact that a random girl had just pushed him into an empty room, hopefully he didn’t get the wrong impression. Before she could explain things to him the boy turned to her and with an angry hint to his voice asked her why she was here. She was about to come out with a sarcastic reply when he said he told her not to come. What part of they’ll find you didn’t you understand he said. Lucy was dumbstruck how could this guy possibly know who she was. Apparently he had noticed her look of absolute astonishment as he explained to her that his name was Kyle and he was a prefect at the school, oh and also that he was a psychic. He also asked her if she had managed to work on her abilities like he had taught her to.

    All Lucy could do was laugh, as immature as it made her look she didn’t know what else to do she had no idea what he was talking about she didn’t have any abilities. This was way too much creepy for her to handle, before she knew he had moved Kyle grabbed her why do you look like you have no idea what I’m talking out he said, the last time we spoke you told me you u had things figured out. Lucy began to feel short of breath again and a sharp pain was working its way across her forehead, she was getting another one of her headaches. As the pain in her forehead increased Lucy turned to Kyle and raising her voice slightly told him she had no idea what he was talking about she had never met him before apart from the dream she had had last night.

    Kyle just looked at her and must have noticed the pain in her face as he simply said to her the headaches have come back haven’t they. As she nodded her head Kyle turned her around so that her back was to his front and shoved a gag over her mouth. As she breathed through the gag she noticed the faint smell of something. She noticed that the more she breathed in the more tired she began feeling, it was at that moment she realized what the smell on the rag was, chloroform. It was as she began to feel like the world was slipping out from under her that Kyle whispered sharply in her ear, all she heard before she fell unconscious was Kyle saying its time you remembered.

    Lucy awoke in a pitch black room she could hear running water somewhere behind her and could smell something familiar, what it was she didn’t know she just had a vague memory of the smell. As she was getting used to being in the dark the lights were switched on shining brightly into Lucy’s eyes. She looked around and could see no one but her and Kyle in the room. She knew they were still somewhere in the school because the school had a habit of stamping their mark onto certain things. For example the dark oak chair in which Kyle was sitting.

    As Lucy sat watching Kyle she noticed the somewhat smug look on his face, she would have stood up and slapped him across the face had it not been for the fact that Kyle had felt the need to tie her to the chair she was sitting in. As she was contemplating all the ways in which she was going to make Kyle pay a hidden door across from them both opened and in walked the strangest looking group Lucy had ever seen.

    There had been three people walk through the hidden door. The first was a tall boy called Tony who couldn’t have been more than sixteen, with curly light brown hair, brown eyes and full lips, Lucy and her old friends would have called his outfit of choice jock chique. The next was Jessie, a slim blonde girl with platinum blonde hair; ocean blue eyes and more lip gloss on then were absolutely necessary. Her outfit of choice classified her as bimbo chique. It was the last person to walk through the door that intimidated Lucy. James had shoulder length black hair, pale skin, and piercings all the way up his left ear. Goth chique. Lucy wasn’t sure what made her feel so intimidated by the three new people however Kyle seemed completely at ease with their entrance. Until Jessie spoke that is.

    Lucy couldn’t quite hear what she had said but apparently Lucy knew each of these people well, she simply had no memory of it. Kyle had taken into upon himself that he was supposedly going to cure Lucy off here apparent memory loss. She wasn’t worried until she noticed James inching slowly toward her with his palm outstretched. Lucy didn’t know what was going to happen once James touched her, what she did know was that she didn’t want to find out. She began to struggle, stretching the ropes binding her hands enough that she could slip them out and start working on her ankles. whilst all of this was going on James had made it to within just inches of touching her. Lucy had just gotten the rope on her left ankle untied when James’ hand came down and touched her slightly on her forehead.