• Day 100
    My name is David. I have to write this in order to keep myself from going insane. The fear he instills on me keeps me awake every single night. I feel like I'm about to crack. they haven't found my sister and they think I did it but they don't know that that thing took her!!! I'm trying really hard to remain sane but from what I've seen and heard about him he will not stop until I am dead....

    Day 105
    I saw him again and he was just standing there for hours. Watching. His face. Oh god, there was no face to see. I haven't gone outside for weeks and I need to get out but this man won't let me. This man was waiting outside my house wearing a mask. He had a bat. I can't leave. I can't even leave my own home.

    Day 115
    Paranoia won't let me sleep. I feel like hes watching me. I look back. I feel this compulsion to look for him. Hes torturing me endlessly. I want to end this. I'm afraid this might be from the fact that I haven't slept for days but he... no its not human... it is something from hell....

    Day 120
    I can't take it anymore I have to go outside. I need to get out of here. I have a knife. Anything is better than staying in this house. God.... I wish I was strong enough to end my life but I'm not.

    Article from The Mississippi link

    Today a young man named David Cross has been missing for five weeks. He was sixteen when his seven year-old sister went missing just a couple of months ago. His parents were in Germany at the time but have not been heard from since June 5, 2012. It seems that the whole Cross family has been missing but police had suspected David of kidnapping his sister and murdering her and now it seems he has runaway. If any of you have any information to help police catch this suspected murderer please contact 9-1-1. Police say that 2 weeks after his sister went missing David a psyche examination was made and it seems that he was not deemed sane. Last he was seen was near the wooded area near the Cross's home. Neighbors say that they would hear him screaming at night and have made several attempts to visit him but he would not let them inside the house shouting, "He is right behind you why should I let you in!!!"