• The young london school boy walked down the street as a dark cloud covered the last bit of sunlight. Then it started to rain. At first there was a tiny bit of sprinkle but then it started to pour heavily onto the surface of the earth. People ran for cover as they tried their best trying not to get soaking wet. Unlike the others, the boy just walked quietly on in the rain.

    "For once in your lifetime Sherlock, can't you just run for cover like the others?" A voice mumbled behind him. He turned to see who was behind him. "The death of that boy wasn't an accident, he didn't drown. The killer just wanted the public to think that he did." Sherlock grumbled. His brother sighed, then walked forward to shielded young Sherlock Holmes from the rain.

    "Come on, let's go home. We can talk about the case if you like, wasn't his name Carl Power?"

    The dark clouds started to scatter as the rain slowed down then eventually came to a stop. The Holmes brother walked on. After a long pause of silence, Mycroft finally broken it.

    "I know it must have been hard for you when our dad went off to fight the war and never came home after that, but that's what the reality is like, so get used to it." He said quietly, "Any way,the bakery isn't too far away so I'm getting a quick snack before we reach home."

    He closed his umbrella then walked off to the bakery which was only a hundred metres away. Sherlock just stoops there unmoving, a tear dropping down, but he stopped it in midair before it reached his chin, "He's no ordinary boy like the others, he's a Holmes, Grace." He remembered what his brilliant dad used to say to mum when he had "accidentally"blown something up with one of his experiments. His father was a young handsome man in his 30's with brown curly hairs and he liked to wear a green Victorian frock coat whether indoors or outdoors. Usually people dressed with in military fashion came by and asked for his dad or as they like to call him; The Doctor.

    Young Sherlock resumed his journey and headed for home while still in deep thoughts, "that old police box in the back garden and that---." His thoughts were interrupted when he found himself colliding with Mycroft, mouth full of muffins.

    "Watch where you're going, Sherlock!"Mycroft exclaimed with anger. But Sherlock just ignored him and walked on. After his dad disappeared into the police box which vanished a few seconds later. Usually he felt unwanted from his peers because of his smartness of deduction and with his father missing in the family. Now he felt that even his family didn't want him anymore. This time, without looking behind him, he just ran straight home and wanted to ignore whatever the world has planned for him next.

    Back at the bakery, Mycroft sighed in frustration then he started to head home, but he stopped in mid-track when he heard an unearthly sound coming from right behind him. Suddenly a wind wiped up out of nowhere. He turned to inspect what was actually behind him. It was an out of date police box from the late 60's materialising in front of him. The small tree that grew beside the bakery started to sway from side to side then stopped when the police box fully materialised. The bakery owner came out of the shop to see what was going on and was surprised to see a police box in his way.

    "Hey sonny, do you know anything about this?"the owner questioned Mycroft with confusion.

    Mycroft shrugged, "No sir, I don't even have the slightest idea apart from it's probetly the same thing my father used to own." The door opened and out stepped a familiar figure. Mycroft staggered back in shock. It was his fathe at the door way. He smiled at Mycroft then hold out his arm preparing for a bear hug. Mycroft dropped his umbrella and rushed into his father and then hugged him tightly. He looked up at his father and he suddenly noticed the tiredness on his face as if he hadn't had a single wink of sleep in ages, he looked 10 years older than he was when he left to fight the Time War as he liked to call it.

    "How's it going with your younger brother, Mycroft? Also, how long have I been gone?" He asked Mycroft.

    "Not too good with Sherlock right now, he's in year 6 and still being teased by his peers. Also Dad, it's been 4 years since you left to fight the war." Mycroft grumbled.

    He looked behind his father and he couldn't believe what he is seeing. This was no ordinary police box, it was bigger on the inside.

    "Um Dad, why is this police box bigger on the inside?"he asked.

    The Doctor let go of his son in surprise. Then looked at the confused bakery owner. "Sorry about the whole police box thing, I'll park it elsewhere instead in your door way. Funny, I thought I remembered it must had been the same thing happened to the great fire on London in that bakery, of course I was a century younger back then but never mind." He apologised then hold up a black wallet with a white paper in it.

    "Health and safety inspector." Said The Doctor, then smiled at him. Then he looked back at Mycroft, "Come on son, fetch your umbrella and come with me. I want to give young Sherlock a surprise."

    He whispered something into Mycroft 's ears and herded him into the police box.

    Sherlock had been running for a while now, a left turn here, almost knocked over an office worker at a sharp turn. The office worker cursed Sherlock as he ran past by without apologising. Another left turn, then a right turn and he found himself in a familiar neighbourhood. He started to slow down then eventually came to a stop at the front of his house. He was already flattened from all the running, big drops of sweat stared to come down from his forehead but he didn't care. Mum was surprised when he nearly knocked her over when he rushed in.

    " Sherlock!" She yelled at him, then sighed when she figured out he probably just had another bad day. He dropped his school bag near the bedroom doorway and slammed the door shut loudly, he heard his mother complaining downstairs but he just ignored it. It's probably about me not apologising to her; he thought, then opened up a drawer and flipped through his notes. It was a medium sized bedroom with one closet, a double decker bunk bed and two small drawer with a desk. He wished his father was here to comfort him and answer some of his unanswered questions, but his father was still missing. He sighed, then opened a crack in the window. The suddenly he heard a noise, a sound unfamiliar to him but downstairs his mother was screaming in delight and rushed upstairs to the source of the noise. The papers that had been scattered on his desk started to fly off in the bedroom. He ignored it and thought it was the wind blowing through the window but, thought it can't be that strong to make the papers fly in the room? He finally turned to see what's going on as the noise died down.

    "Late 60's model police box, more than 15 years old and possible chance of not being any ordinary box." He said quietly to himself. The door opened and out stepped his father and Mycroft. Sherlock was surprised but he didn't show it on his face.

    "Well, happy birthday and aren't you going to give me a hug, too Sherlock? That's not like you." The Doctor joked.

    Sherlock rushed up and gave him a tight hug as his mum came through the bedroom door way and double hugged them both. Both of them were glad to see him, Mycroft leaned against the police box door way and smiled. That night The Doctor invited a few old friends to come over and give Sherlock a Birthday present he brought, but what was valued more to Sherlock for his birthday was his dad coming home. After a few jokes and stories passed around the table The Doctor have got something he hadn't said yet, "You know Sherlock, last time though I didn't time it right for your birthday and ended up in the future in 221B Baker St, nice flatmate you've got in the future apart from when he point a gun in my face. John Watson was his name if you're wondering." The Doctor told Sherlock that night after everyone went home. "Though I shouldn't tell you that early." He mumbled quietly then caught Sherlock sneaking into the police box which his old friend Sarah Jane Smith said its called the TARDIS.

    "Oi Sherlock! That's off-limit until I'm inside to show you how to fly this old girl!" He yelled at Sherlock and rushed up and tried to catch him but he was just a second too slow and Sherlock is in the TARDIS.

    To be continued