• Seyhara smiled as she sliced through another human's pure soul. As she screamed in a mixture of fear and pain, Seyhara began to laugh. Her blood red eyes laughing as the human's ice blue eyes became lifeless. The demon threw the body aside and continued on her way to destroy the man who had taken everything from her. "One day i will find you," she vowed as she walked into a nearby town.
    Kefu Petrole was considered the freak of the town. He had shoulder length black hair and forest green eyes. His outfit of choice was a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and black jeans. He was skipping school when he noticed the strange girl. SHe had long purple hair and two horns coming out of her forehead. She wore a black trench coat and a pink tank top with a black mini skirt and knee high boots. What attracted Kefu to the strange girl were her red eyes. "Hey, I'm Kefu," he said introducing himself. She smiled "Hi, Im Seyhara." She thought it was strange that this kid would openly walk up to her but she appreciated the friendliness. "What brings you to our little of slice of heaven?" he asked her referring to the town sarcastically. The smile vanished form Seyhara's face. "Heaven? I'I have to go." she said quickly turning around. She knew the kid was joking but she had to be safe. She didn't want anyone to know what she was. She had hoped she could sneak into the city but that kid had seen her. She now had to kill him before he spilled her secret. She hid in a nearby cave. "Guess this will have to do for the night," she said as she lit a fire. She used the fire to cast a spell that would hide her horns for a little while. She left the cave and hoped she wouldn't Kefu. She walked into a grocery store and with the last bit of her money, purchased enough food to last her the week. As she was getting her bags she ran into Kefu but this time he had a friend. He had bright red hair and ice blue eyes. He wore a big purple sweatshirt and baggy tan cargo pants. This kid looked like he had been crying. "Hey Seyhara," Kefu said waving. Seyhara nodded in his direction. "Hello." Kefu dragged his friend over to her "This is Josh," he said introducing his friend. Seyhara smiled at him. "Nice to meet you, My name is Seyhara." she said introducing herself. Josh kept his gaze fixed on the floor. "Sorry about him, he just recently lost his mom," Kefu explained. He leaned in close to Seyhara's ear. "I think it was by a demon," he whispered. Seyhara's eyes widened. This kid knew a lot, possibly too much. Seyhara regained her composure and looked at the boys. "A demon huh? How'd she die?" she asked. Kefu shook his head. "Not here, follow me, we'll go to my house," he said. Seyhara nodded and followed the boys to Kefu's house.
    Once there, the three of them went up to Kefu's room and Josh spoke for the first time. "There were no wounds, her eyes and expression show that she had a heart attack, but her eyes," he paused as his eyes welled up with tears. "Her eyes were empty and cold, like her soul was gone," he finished. Seyhara tried to show a face of concern but inside she was laughing until Kefu explained what the poor woman looked like. Seyhara quickly got up. "I have to go," she said. She rushed down the stairs and flew out the door. Kefu sat there confused for a bit before he realized she had left her groceries. He picked up her bags and chased after her. "Seyhara wait!" he called after her. She didn't stop running until she was safe inside her cave. She sat down with her back facing the opening and sighed. "So that kids mom," she muttered as she stared into the fire. Kefu followed her all the way back to her cave but instead of letting her know he was there, he hid and listened in closely to what the girl was saying. "Too bad she didn't put up more of a fight, that kid looks like he could definitely fight back." She chuckled a bit before the spell fully wore off and her small horns were visable again. Kefu let out a gasp and Seyhara whipped around. Kefu moved and hid quickly and Seyhara squinted her eyes and slowly moved towards the mouth of the cave. "Come on out, I won't hurt you," she cooed. Kefu began to panic but then realized he still had her things. He came out of hiding and held his hands and the bags up in surrender. "Seyhara, its just me," he said. Seyhara froze "What are you doing here?" she growled. Kefu set her bags down "I'm just bringing you your things, you left them at my house," he said. Seyhara smiled "That was sweet, too bad you have to die now," she said as she smiled evilly. Kefu froze and stepped back slowly. "Come on now Seyhara, you wouldn't hurt an innocent would you?" he asked. Seyhara stopped and looked at him. She wanted to pump him for information on who killed Josh's mom and if she blew the chance now, well, Josh would know who to come after. "Alright you can go," she said. Kefu lowered his hands and sighed but was caught off guard when Seyara grabbed him by the throat. He began gasping for air and desperatly clawing at her hand. "If you tell anyone about me," she growled knowing she didn't have to finish her sentence. "Yes," he said gasping for air. Seyhara dropped him and smiled. "Good, now if you'll excuse me, I must rest," she said turning and walking back inside her cave leaving Kefu there. Kefu put one hand up to his throat. He was amazed at how strong she was but, there was something inside her that couldn't kill him and he could see it. He looked at the direction she ran off in and ran out before she changed his mind.
    Seyhara sat down at her fire and sighed. She couldn't kill him, no matter how much her mind screamed at her to kill him she couldn't. She laid down to to try and ease her mind but as she drifted off to sleep, it brought her no peace. Her dreams were tormented by the screams of her family being killed years ago. Her mothers screams and begging and her father along with her brother's yelling and desperate attempts to fight raged through her dreams. In her dreams she watched as she ripped her own family to shreds. Her mothers throat and blood pouring out all over her hands. Her father and brother attemting to fight her. She snapped her fathers neck and turned to her brother. "I didn't want to have to do this, you all pushed me to do it." she said monotoned and morphed into her full demon form. Her claws ripped her brother to shreds. She cried out and fled her house. She was miles away under an old oak tree when she finally broke down. She cried and yelled. She couldn't believe what she had done to her family. She woke up from her dream to the sounds of her own screaming. She coverend in her own sweat. She did the only thing she felt like doing. She buried her head into her arms and cried. Kefu had come back to check on her the next day. He knew he shouldn't come back but something was drawing him to her. When he reached the mouth of the cave he heard the sobs. He slowly walked inside "Seyhara?" he called hoping she wouldn't kill him. He finally wandered in far enough and saw her lying on the ground, face buried her arms, her body slowly bouncing up and down as she was crying. he sat down next to her and started stroking her hair. She grabbed his wrist tightly and looked up at him. It would have been more menacing if she hadn't been crying but she couldn't help it. She glared at him with her cheeks glistening from the tears. "What are you doing back here?" she asked threateningly. He looked down at her "I-I couldn't stay away," he said his voice shaking a bit. She sighed and let his wrist go. "Leave, you have no reason to be here," she growled then she buried her head back into her arms. Kefu stood up. "Okay, but listen, Josh and I need your help, meet us back at my place later," he said. He then turned and left. She sighed. What could these pathetic weaklings want, she asked herself. She grudgingly got up. She cast her spell again and left the cave.
    Josh and Kefu were both at school when they saw Seyhara. Kefu was a bit confused on why she was there. She bounced up to them with a huge smile on her face. "Hey guys," she chirped. Both Kefu and Josh grunted a hello. "What's wrong guys?" she asked her smile vanishing a little. "Nothing, we'll explain later," Josh said smiling at her a little. Seyhara nodded knowing what that meant. The three of them managed to get through the school day and back to Kefu's house without anything big happening. Once there Josh's smile began to grow, which made Seyhara a little nervous. The all sat on the floor of his room when Josh finally spoke. "We know how to kill it, where it lives, the only thing we don't know is how to bring it back to our plain," he said excitedly. Seyhara jumped and both boys looked at her. "I'm sorry, i just didn't know how close you guys were," she said as she smiled weakly. Josh nodded at her "Yeah, I can almost see his face," he said as he clenched his fist. Seyhara sighed, they think its a he thats good, she thought. Kefu looked at her and turned to Josh. "Josh, I need to talk to Seyhara for a minute." Josh nodded and Kefu grabbed Seyhara's arm and led her out of his room. Once they were in the hall Kefu's green eyes bore into Seyhara's red ones. "I know what you are, we know this, but what I want to know is, do you know the demon who did this? Or better yet a way to get him here?" he asked. Seyhara shook her head "I'm afraid the answer to both of those questions is no," she said with a hint of sadness in her voice. Kefu's head fell, "Are you sure? Its not a revenge demon or anything?" Seyhara shook her head. "Revenge demons normally try to keep from attacking innocents," she said. She was a revenge demon and knew that what she did to that woman was out of characteristic for her type, well in a way. She thought the woman was related to the man she was hunting but she had mistaken her fro someone else. Kefu sighed and walked back into his room and Seyhara began to follow him when she was splashed with holy water. She screamed and turned to look at her attacker. He looked like Kefu but much older. Kefu whipped around and Josh looked up to see smoke coming off of Seyhara. Josh ran to Kefu's desk and ripped open the drawer. He pulled out the silver crucifix that was sitting in there. Kefu just stood there frozen. "Dad, What are you doing?" he asked. His dad smirked and stepped closer to Seyhara.
    "Kefu there are many things you don't know. She is a revenge demon." he said as Seyhara stepped away from him. "Back off," she said before recognizing him. "YOU," she hissed. Kefu and Josh stayed in Kefu's room while the battle unfolded. Seyhara charged at Kefu's dad. As she charged she began to mutate into her full demon form. The spell she had cast broke and her little horns grew, her hands turned into claws and giant wings sprouted from her back, her eyes turned a full red and her teeth grew. Kefu and Josh stared at the creature that had once been their friend. She shot her claw out and caught his dad in the side. He yelled out in pain and and pulled out the crucifix from in his back pocket and held it out to her. "I always swore that I wouldn't let my son into the fight with the demons but it seems you found him anyway." he growled. Seyhara cackled "You foolish man, I didn't want your son or your son's friend. Hell I didn't want the b***h I killed the other day," she said forgetting that Josh and Kefu were still in the room. Kefu's dad smiled. "Thats all I wanted." he said as he turned around and began to walk away clutching his side. Seyhara let out a bone chilling laugh. "Good bye, thorn in my side," she said as she charged him and grabbed him by the throat. The man began to struggle furiously and claw at her hands to no avail. The demons hand began to crush his windpipe and he began desperately gasping for air. His scared eyes looking for Kefu or Josh's aid but found nothing. Seyhara smiled as he began to die and she shoved her free claw straight through his stomach. The man yelled out in pain then everything went quiet as she carefully pulled his soul from him. She tossed the lifeless corpse to the side and focused on the soul that was in her hand. "Now, your lights out," she said as she covered it with her now free hand and squished it. when she opened her hands the soul was gone and all that remained was the bloody corpse. She looked at the faces of Kefu and Josh and reading the mix of hatred and scarediness she smiled. "I'm sorry my friends, I must take my leave. If you wish to kill me one day for what I have done to you then train. Train hard and train long and never forget my name," she said as she changed back to her half demon form and walked out the door. She walked back ot her cave and laid down to sleep finally happy that she had gotten what she had been hunting for. Or so she thought.
    Kefu's dad's funeral was short. It had downpoured that day and only a few people knew him so it wasn't to big. Josh and Kefu had gone of course but hidden among the tombstones was Seyhara. She hadn't come to show her respects for the b*****d, no she had come for a different reason. She watched Kefu and his body language. Kefu stood there rigid, tears streaming down his face as his fathers coffin was lowered into the ground. Josh stood there, his hands clasped together in respect as he lowered his head. Once the whole thing was done with Kefu had remained behind wandering the graves, needing some time alone and Josh respected that. It was while he was wandering that he found the now soaked Seyhara standing at her own family's grave. "Why?" he asked her. Seyhara smiled a bit as she looked at her mothers name. "Because, he was the reason I am like this, I thought if i took out the man who created me i could finally live in peace with my family," she said as she pointed to the plot where the three of them lie. "My mother, died horribly, her throat was slit, My father's head was found facing the wrong way, he neck had been snapped and my brother," she paused for a moment thinking of her little brother. "Well there wasn't much left of him, he was ripped to shreds," she said tears beginning to stream down her face. "I needed to kill the man who turned me into this, who made me kill them," she said as she turned to Kefu. "If i hadn't been turned that night, sure i would be dead right now but at least my family would be okay," she said.Kefu lowered his head "I'm sorry Seyhara," he said. He wrapped his arms around her and allowed her to cry into his shoulder. His shoulder began to bleed a bit from her horns but that didn't bother him. He lifted her head with his finger and he looked into her red eyes. His forest green eyes full of compassion but at the same time there were signs of hatred for her. "Seyhara, listen, I can't promise you now that Josh will ever be okay with you, I may never be okay with what happened." he said but before he finished his sentence he brought his lips crashing down on hers. Seyhara was shocked by this especially after what she did to his dad. She pushed him away "Kefu, no. This isn't right, your supposed to hate me, not this," she said as she turned her back to him. He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around "I don't care what I'm supposed to do. All I know is how I feel and if that's not what you want then fine, Go and don't look back." he said as he pointed to the entrance to the cemetary. Seyhara nodded and kissed him on the cheek before leaving. "Kefu Petrole, we will meet again," she said in a light tone as she took her leave. Kefu watched her leave and once she was out of his sight he dropped his head.
    Josh went back to the house that he and Kefu now shared. He went into his new room which was Kefu's old room. He went over to the desk and he began to research what was known about Seyhara. This is what popped up.
    Name: Seyhara
    Age: 218 but she looks like she's 18
    Gender: Female
    Bio: Seyhara was born to Alice and Damien. She was 15 when her little brother Maralen was born. When she was 18 she was hit by a car and was believed to be dead. Many people believe that she made a deal with the devil that night and that was what caused her to come back to life. Those who befriend her and get to know her story will be told that Kyle Petrole saved her life but switching her life with that of a demon. Shortly after she had killed her family, slitting her mothers throat, snapping her fathers neck and ripping her 3 year old brother to shreads. Occasionally she can be found standing over her family's grave weeping for them. She has been described as having long purple hair and eyes that look like she's wearing red contacts. It has been told that she prefers wearing a black trenchcoat and pink tanktop with a black mini skirt and knee high boots. Those who have seen her true demon form, never live to see the next day.
    Josh's eyes were glued to the screen when Kefu returned home. Kefu walked in and looked over Josh's shoulder at the screen. "Josh, come on, we need sleep," Kefu said as he stretched out his arms. Josh nodded and yawned. "I just wanted to see what I was looking for when I set out tomorrow," he said. Kefu sighed then walked into the master bedroom and flopped on his bed. He couldn't tell his best friend about his feelings for her because he wanted to hunt her down and kill her but he also couldn't tell her, he didn't want her to use them against him. He grudgingly drifted off to sleep. The next morining he woke up to a knock at his door. He groaned and muttered "Go away." The knocking didn't stop. He growled and got up. His hair was a mess and he was only in sweatpants. He scratched his bare chest before scratching his head and opening the door. He was caught off guard when he saw Seyhara standing there. She wasn't wearing her normal outfit, in fact it was quite different. She had a baggy green t-shirt on with a red shirt whose sleeves stopped shortly after the t-shirt. She had black baggy pants and boots on her hair had been dye black as well. The only way he recognized that it was her were the glaring red eyes. "Seyhara?" he asked. The girl nodded and smiled. "We need to talk, its kind of important," she said as she shifted uneasily. Kefu nodded and invited her into his room. "How did you get past Josh?" he asked as she sat on his bed. "He was already gone," she said. She looked at him and she turned a bright pink when she noticed he had no shirt on. He noticed her blushing and looked down "Ah!" he said as he ran to his closet and threw on a baggy black t-shirt. "Alright, so what do you want from me?" he asked her still remembering the rejection. She sighed and sat there in silence for a minute. "Well?" he asked rudely. She looked up at him and tears started to fall. "I want you to kill me," she said. Kefu was taken aback by this request. "What? Why?" he asked as he kneeled down in front of her. She wiped away the tears that were brimming at her eyes. "I can't go on living like this, I cant go on ruining peoples lives because of what I have to do." she said her voice breaking. Kefu sighed and put his hand on the side of her face using his thumb to wipe away her tears. "Seyhara, what if I found a way to make you human?" he asked. She shook her head "I'd die, I may look 18 but I am over 200 years old," she said. Kefu remembered reading that last night. Kefu stood up and shook his head. "Look, I resent you for taking my dad from me but honestly Seyhara, I think the best way to get you back for that would be to make you live," he said. Just then Josh burst into the room "Kefu, I-I- uhhh hello," he said stopping short seeing the beautiful black haired girl.. Kefu looked at Josh "What is it bro?" he asked. Josh looked back Kefu "Seyhara's gone, I've searched the whole city, there's no sign of...."he stopped when he saw the girl's red eyes. Seyhara dropped her head. Josh looked back up to Kefu "What the hell is going on here?" he demanded.
    "Josh, Listen, If you want to get Seyhara back for your mother you need to let her live, keep her alive," he said. Josh shook his head. "What is she controlling you now?" he asked angrily. He looked at Kefu then to Seyhara and back. "You like her......that's it isn't it?" he asked. Kefu paused then nodded. "But that's not why-" "TRAITOR!" Josh screamed as he charged at Kefu. Seyhara jumped up and stepped in front of Kefu and the knife that had been intended to kill his friend was now deep in Seyhara's stomach. Blood began to trickle out of the corner of her mouth and she smiled. Josh stepped back and stared at her. "What? Why did you-" he wanted to ask but couldn't get the words out of his mouth. She knew what he was thinking and laughed weakly. "You don't understand the torture I've gone through the past 200 years," she said as she coughed up a bit of blood. She sank to her knees and looked up at Josh "Did you soak this in holy water?" she asked. When Josh nodded she closed her eyes. "Good, Thank you," she said to him as she fell on her side unconcious. Kefu dropped to his knees and stroked her hair. "Seyhara, stay with me, please," he begged her as he started to cry a bit. Josh just stood there and watched. He was shaking and couldn't believe he just almost did that to his friend. "Josh listen, we have to get her to the hospital NOW!" he said. Josh nodded weakly. He ran and grabbed some towels from the bathroom. Kefu pulled out the knife and pressed a towel to her stomach. "Seyhara, come on, you're going to be okay," he said as Josh left to call 911. Seyhara opened her eyes weakly and looked at Kefu. She touched his cheek and smiled. "Kefu, please.....just...let....me....go," she said weakly. He grabbed her hand and held it tightly. "No, Seyhara," he said firmly as the medics rushed into the room. They put Seyhara on a stretcher and kept the towel pressed firmly on her stomach. Kefu ran after them and they allowed him to ride in the back with her. He watched as what was left of the color in her face drained away and she seemed to slow her breathing. "Step on it, we're losing her," one of the medics said to the driver. Once they were at the ER, she was rushed to the operating room to try and fix what had been stabbed. Luckily the damage was minimal and the only thing she was really suffering from was blood loss. As they looked at her injuries they couldn't believe that she was only suffering from blood loss.The stitched her up then they transfered her to an ICU room where she had two IVs put in her. One was feeding her more blood to make up for what had been lost and the other had antibotics. She had a tube put in her nose to help her breathe as well.
    It was a couple hours later when Kefu was finally allowed to see her. When he entered the room he wanted to cry. Seyhara was sleeping peacefully in her bed. He walked up to her bedside and just sat there waiting for her to wake up. Once she was awake she looked around and took a minute to remember everything that had happened and where she was. She looked at her arms and saw the IVs and began to cry. Kefu, who had been sleeping, heard her and placed his hand on her cheek. She turned her head and smiled at him weakly. "Why did you save me?" she asked him. Kefu laughed "I told you, Your punishment is to live your life, you will suffer by living your eternal hell." Seyhara's smile vanished. "You are really an a**," she said. Kefu smiled. "You decided to put me through hell when you killed my father and the same when you killed Josh's mother," he said. "So its only fair that we do the same to you," he finished. Seyhara sighed and nodded "Yeah, your right." Kefu looked at her confused. "Wait what?" Seyhara smiled "Kefu, If you knew everyone that I had killed, you would understand," she said. Kefu looked at her solmenly "You mean your family right?" "He was only 3 Kefu. My little brother was only 3 and I killed him, ripped him to shreds," she said. She began to cry again and Kefu sat on the side of her bed so that he could wipe her tears. "Seyhara, I didn't know what my dad was, what he could do, yes I hate you for killing him but at the same time I understand why you had to do it. Now you can put everything behind you." he said comfortingly. "You can come back to school with me and Josh and live a somewhat normal life." he told her. Seyhara closed her eyes and smiled. "That sounds nice actually," she said. Kefu smiled "Good, now relax because there is someone else here who wants to see you," he said as he got up. He left the room and she braced herself for whatever was coming next. Josh entered the room and stood next to her bed. "Hey," he said. She looked up at him "Josh....I'm so sorry," she said as she hung her head. Josh shook his head "No, listen I'm not here to kill you or fight with you or anything. I'm here to apologize." he said. Seyhara looked at him confused. "Wait what's going on?" she asked. Josh looked at the ground. "Listen, I uh, I never thought about your side of things, I didnt mean to....I...I dont know how to say it, I've never had to deal with this kind of thing before," he admitted. Seyhara smiled and waved it off. "Don't worry about it Josh, I understand," she said as she winced at the pain of waving her arm. Josh chuckled a bit. "Kefu explained your punishment and why he chose that and it makes perfect sense to me," he said. Seyhara smirked "Yeah, Yeah I know." she said. Josh smiled at her "Listen girl, you better know what your doing with my bro," he threatened. "Don't make me have to step in," he warned. Seyhara smiled sheepishly. "Josh, I-" she paused for a moment. "I promise, things will be fine," she promised. Josh nodded "Good, I'll send him back in, when you get out of here, we all need to get together and get some s**t figured out," he said. Seyhara knew what he meant and nodded. Josh left and Kefu walked back in. Seyhara smiled sweetly at him as he sat down on her bed next to her again. "Kefu, we need to talk." Kefu nodded. Seyhara smiled at him and carefully sat up. Kefu watched her and helped her sit up, he then took her hand in his and held it tight. "Kefu, I think I may like you," she said smiling. Kefu grew a huge smile and his cheeks turned a light pink. He leaned in and kissed her softly. This time Seyhara didn't pull away or push him back. Kefu pulled away and smiled sweetly at her. "Seyhara, will you be mine?" he asked her nervously. Seyhara smiled sheepishly and nodded "Kefu, I would be honored." Kefu's smile seemed to be glued on to his face. Seyhara smiled and pulled Kefu down so that he was laying with her. "Stay by my side?" she asked him. Kefu nodded and cuddled close to her. "Of course my love," he said.