I watched in horror from my secret hiding place as my pack mates were being slaughtered before me. One by one pack mate after pack mate. Women and children, save for my best friend Trio, were brought forth and brutally slaughtered. Blood and Bodies littered and stained the ground.
    'This is what males do to each other. Male alphas.' I thought silent tears streamed down my face as I watched mommy being dragged forward. Daddy roared in agony and anger as the wolves forced themselves onto her. Mommy cried but wasn't strong enough to fight.
    'Stay Hidden. Stay Safe. Survive.' My daddy had ordered me in his alpha tone. My wolf, Faola, obeyed but is hurting from seeing this horror. Trio ran out to try and save mommy but they kill him quickly. No sadness. No hesitation. Finally they kill mommy. I watch terrified as they drag daddy forward the male says something to daddy before he reaches over and gouges out my daddys throat. The wolves leave and I go to him.
    He gives me one order with his last breathe. And one unwanted gift.
    "I alpha and marrok, Milo Hoseki of the White Fur pack and North American region do hereby order you, Blaidd and Faola Hoseki, Princess of the White Fur pack and North American region to survive. Leave this place and always remember who you are. I submit and anoint you as the New Alpha and Marrok of both the White Fur Pack and the North American Region. I love you, my daughter." He gurgled before the life left his eyes.
    I stayed there, for three days and three nights. A tradition to honor my fallen friends family and pack. I was alone. By the time morning came on the fourth day, I was changed. At 9 years old I was now the alpha and marrok. No one would ever know. I would not stick around. My blood line is the purest of all the world. But I am alone. I am the last. I am the White She-Wolf.