• “ARI…” I almost forgot I should keep my voice as low as I can. “Ariana, are you okay?! Where are you at?!”

    “I’m fine, and I’m heading to school now? Aye since I’m going to school can yo…” I interrupted her.

    “School?!” Wait… I don’t understand…”Arianna, I know this is a weird question but, have you seen strange people eating people?”

    “Christina… I know you’re crazy and all but, there is a limit to your craziness.”

    What the hell... Are you telling me that, they haven’t reached the school and Ari’s house yet?

    “Um, hello? Chris, please don’t get mad if I said anything to hurt you, I’m sor…” I woke up from my thoughts.

    “No, you’re fine, I didn’t mind. Anyways I have to tell you something, can we meet up at school?”

    “Uh, sure? Wait! What was the whole human thing about? And wait YOU’RE NOT AT SCHOOL YET!?”

    “I’ll tell you when I get ther…” she interrupted me.


    “yah it is.” I murmured to myself. “Anyways, I’ll cya there.”

    “Wai..” I cut her off. I ran downstairs. Grabbed my bag and the extra keys for the car. I looked at the clock. It seemed like an hour passed by since then. In reality 16 minutes passed by. 7:20 Am. I went to the garage door, and checked again to make sure I didn’t attract them. I fully opened the door. I cautiously went to my parent’s car. Opened and closed the door ever-so quietly.

    I knew one thing for sure. Once I put the key in the ignition, the noise will rile them up. I looked at my rear view mirror and the side mirrors. There it is. The very thing that might have killed my parents and the very thing that will destroy this world.

    Just breathe. I put the key in the ignition. Once I started the ignition, their eyes was on me. Hearings checked. It started to limp over to the car, I put my hands on the transmission. My right foot on the break. Switched into reverse. Hands on the wheel. My eyes are on the target. I let go of the break slowly. Then I slammed on my gas.

    “One down, however many left to go.”