• I switched the gear to drive and park, I stepped out of the car and looked at it, I dragged it back into my garage and left the house. I took a detour, which is now 20 minutes away from school, to look around the neighborhood. I saw no suspicious humans wandering around. My phone started.

    “CHRISTINA!” As soon as I answered one of my friends that rides the bus with me yells in my Bluetooth speakers from my cars. I turned down the volume a little bit.

    “Callie? Are you at school?” I felt a little lost. Callie is one of my friends back in middle school, though she was a b***h, we managed a great friendship.

    “Hell yah I’m at school, where the hell are you at, class is about to start in 5 minutes you know!?”

    I looked at the time, 7:25 a.m, “Yah I know, I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

    “Is something wrong girl?”

    I mumbled yes but said, “No, I just had some things to do, I’ll be there but tell Ari to meet me in the 300 building.”

    “Okay, well cya girl.”

    I hung up. I was about 10 minutes away and I pressed on the gas pedal and to my luck the next two lights were green.

    As I got to school, I went to park closest to the 300 building. This is my 3rd year in this high school, probably my last. There are six buildings, making a big circle around a big courtyard. It’s a pretty big campus, 14 years old, and is one of the top schools in Washington. High in both athletics and academics. It’s the perfect school for me, the student council president, top in every subject and every sports, the sweet little uptight virgin princess the school thinks I am. But that’s my face at school and only at school. If my true nature, being lazy, gamer, bad a** shooter, all about the blood and gore, was to be known that I have the complete opposite personality at home and everywhere else, the school will flip. Only my best friends and relatives know the bad side of me.

    That’s all about to change…