• While they judge me by what they see,
    I'm looking out from the inside.
    I'm lost in the darkest corners of a Broken mind.
    A black abyss of eternity overcoming my life.
    Ever growing ever reaching out, taking over me it spreads...
    Swallowing slowly more of me
    Though they judge what they see,
    They ignore what is real, I am More
    They neglect the ears and worship the eyes.
    But wrongly they do this.
    They see a creature...a beast....
    A thing with no heart or mind.
    Something that can't think or speak for itself...
    But they're wrong...they just don't hear.
    But that's because they don't listen.
    If they did, they would hear and know the truth.
    If they would listen
    they would hear the beating heart,
    the human cry, the quickened breath and stifled sob...
    They would hear the humanity. The person beneath the mask.
    A mind with which to think alone, a body with which to breathe
    a beating heart to keep alive, that agonized aching soul.
    The voice to cry, to yell in pain when judgement becomes too much.
    A human, not a beast.
    I'm just one woman. Alone in a dark, black world,
    The only light comes from the brief, gentle glimmers of kindess, shining like stars.
    The only color comes from my pain,
    When I'm crying tears of crimson rain.