• we were the best friends indhira and i but then she came CAROLINA she made my world die she made my happiness go away she turn my dreams into nigthmares in a few words she screw my world we were in 10th grade and she seem to be nice but then she changed and made everyone hate me even the teachers, even my crush i don't know what i did wrong to her to hate me in a way that beats all the evil things on earth and out of it ,now in the 11th grade everything is worst she took everything i have my best friends ,my life and my soul she says every bad thing that comes to her mind to say it about me now for me highschool is a hell is the inferno no one talks to me no one even sees my face i disgust everyone just because the stuff that she says that are not even half the true of who i am is a disgrace that i don't want anyone to live my 17 years old heart can't suffer anymore i can't handle this but i won't let her win sincerely : alba marina perez

    this are real things that are happening to me this is not at U.S this is at my country dominican republic