• mr.panda dident belive to what he sow mr.panda scream "noooooooooooooo" but then the big wolk to him he gat closer and closer mr.panda seid "what you going to do to me?" the pig seid "mmmm ill cook you first ill put snake eyes then your brin and then ill put dragons wings mohahahahahaha" but mr.panda know he can pass him but he ask him self how? the pig gat closer and closer and then mr.panda run to him then the pig was going to cut hes hid but then mr.panda move the pig dident know what happend then he sow mr.panda go to what the pig cooked and stend next to it then the pig seid "what are you trying to do you cant run from me" then the pig run to mr.panda but then mr.panda seid "i cant run but i can cook" then he trow on him what the pig cooked then the pig scream "noooooooooooooooooooooooo" then from no where fire come and burn him and he jast gone and mr.panda seid "yey i win a crezy pig but what to do now? and the door is stil lock?" mr.panda run to the door but no its stil lock mr.panda was going to open 1 of the doors but b4 he did all the doors gone and he sow a wird black door wite sword thet a old name was on har the name was "derun" and on the door was more wird thing there was on the door "open the door pass in your way and dont tik the ghosts sword"
    mr.panda ask hes self "a ghost sword? wird its look laik som1 make it from all the bad stuffs in the world" mr.panda open the door and he coldent see what was in there was to strong light but then the light come down and he sow him self in a wird room wite bons and snakes and wird white stuffs thet flying mr.panda ask him self "wird this white things thet flying are ghosts?" but then he sow somthing so moch scery he sow a real dragon the dragon sleep "fooooooooo" seid mr.panda but wen he seid it the dragon wake up he looked really really mad he started to go to mr.panda it was look laik more sec he going to fly to mr.panda and tik him to hes doom the end of part 2 all go to school you dont need to look on storys laik this they to scery jok its not scery if i hed ideas laik the storys thet i riding then you was in shock wink