• Alisia continued running back home. Her iPod fell out of her pocket, she felt the drop of weight it was a black iPod and it was to dark for her to tell where it was. "My iPod!" she screamed as she turned back to look for it. Dropping to the ground, her hands searching frantically for it. She saw a light, a blue eery glow if you will, as the ghost came towards her. She got back up and ran towards home again. When she got there she ran inside, locking the door along with the dead bolt, running straight up the stairs towards her room slamming all her windows shut, locking them and closing the curtains. Jumping on the bed wrapping up in the comforter putting her head under, and cuddling with a teddy bear her long lost love had given her. "Please don't let it get me." she mumbled into its head. Alisia could still sense the presense of whatever was following her.

    Alisia'd fallen asleep at about 4 A.M. she awoke sweating, and gasping. Looking straight to the clock, 7 A.M. "Crap." she muttered, the thing was about two feet away from her. "Please, leave." she was much calmer than most times. The presence left her, and she went downstairs to get something to eat. She stared at a box of cereal until she looked to the clock. "9:37 A.M." she muttered, until there was a knock on the door. She jumped getting up to answer it, the spirit thing was right behind the man at the door, all she could do was stare at it. "Hello." he said "I believe this is yours. It was on the sidewalk infront of my house." he held out her iPod "Thank you." she took the iPod her hand just barely brushing his and they both blused at the slight contact. She looked towards the man his eyes chocolate brown, his hair a deeper brown of about the same shade. "I'm Alisia." she said quietly "I'm Dustin," he replied. "And I know your name. It was in your iPod contacts." he added quietly. "But it was locked..." Alisia said looking at her locked iPod, entering to code, to unlock it. "When I found it, the battery was almost dead so I charged it, and it was unlocked." she looked at him, then down to the iPod again the battery was fully charged. "H- Thank you." she looked back to her cereal. "No problem. I'd better be heading home." the spirit was right behind him, the ghostly hand on his shoulder, gaining a light cream color to its hand. The man, Dustin, appeared to be a bit paler, more dead than most peopleshould appear. It was sucking the life out of him! "Stop!" she screamed. He looked at her like she was crazy. "Please stop!" she screamed again. He tilted his head to the side, still looking at her confused like she was crazy. "You don't want me to leave?" he asked extremely confused then. "No its fine. I'm just crazy I guess I'm seeing things."