• Drew looked at me well awnser him. Depends what kind?I only know of the kind that happense in the bed room behind closed doors.Well then would you two please come with me?Drew awnsered this time he said if you rape her i am going to kill you.I am not a rapiest i am an Illusionist/magician.Drew pulled me closer to him and took my hand in his.I am not so sure about this clover.Drew your paranoid this could be fun.Clover you trust any cute guy...this is true but its coming from the guy who dated a hooker.You daid you would never bring that up again.Well come on you two. Sorry for the lack of interductions i am Chriss Angel,you might have seen my show?Drew shook his hand i am Drew taylore,and this is Clover Lockheart.I shook his hands they were firm and warm.First he did a clever little card trick then he made me float.It really freaked Drew out and he was ready to catch me if i fall, but he was more likely to fall then me.Alright thats it the show is over you can go now if you want.It was nice meeting you Drew and lovely Clover. I blushed well like wise Chriss.May we stay longer i would like to see more mr...um.Chriss smiled well looks like its up to your boy friend Drew.I looked at Drew, hes not my boy friends he my cousin.He looked at Drew well can she stay?I find your tricks amusing sure why not.Ah thanks Drew your the best!Time passed and the funeral was shortly forgotten.Clover its getting late, i should start heading home.Ok Bye Drew i guess i will be walking.May i give her a ride?Drew looked at me is that ok with you clover?Sure thanks Chriss.s**t i left me jacket in the car though. Ibet you also left your virginety back when we first met Chriss.I punched him. Jerk.
    In the car
    Wow you sure are quiet.Sorry.He turned on the radio and we sat in silence.Thank you Chriss i had a great night.No probblem.So witch house? That one i said as i pointed to a blue house.He got out of the car and opened the door.Bye Chriss, i waved and he pulled away.