• You'll be fine tomorrow
    The sun will rise again
    It's never easy to say goodbye
    You know I'll always love you
    You know I always will

    When you left I thought I couldn't even move
    Dry tears still stick on my face
    I can't believe its all gone

    Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
    My old friend (my old friend)
    Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
    We've reached the end (we've reached the end)

    I can't believe your gone!
    I can't say those two words
    Never will eye
    Because I don't and can't believe you left

    I don't cry for sorrow, I cry with joy
    The memories we've made can't be destroyed
    You know I won't forget you
    You know I never could
    And when I say I loved you
    You know I meant for good

    I won't forget everything we did
    The time when I was litte
    Driving you in a toy stroller
    That time you banged into the glass door
    I still won't say those two words
    Never ever ever!

    You know I'll always love you

    I won't leave those memories
    I won't keep them away
    Or they will just burn away
    So I will say it
    I have to
    So I guess its