• Since Erin went to the hospital nobody had been acting like there self’s, the school has been quiet a little to quiet.” surprisingly her absence has a big affected “ said Joe trying to break the silence. He looked around hoping for someone to respond, he sighed when no one did” come on guys say something, this is not normal” he exclaimed getting annoyed. Those few words made Liz snap” not normal!?Shes in the hospital!! In a ******** coma! How is this not normal way to act jack a**!!”Shouted Liz slamming her foot in his gut.”Owch.heh I got you to talk” Joe smirked rubbing his stomach” god your such a a**”shouted Liz about to kick him again” why do you away take your emotions out on me?” asked Joe putting his arms up as he’s surrendering “I do not!!””Yes you do!”” do not shut you mouth!” “Make me!” the fight didn’t last long when the saw Chris walk into the school.” Chris…he came to school” whispered Liz in shock.”Yea man I haven’t seen you for weeks” Joe clamed in shock to. Chris did not say a word he just looked at them with empty emotionless look in his eyes it made them silent. They watched quietly as he made his way to his locker opening it with his trembling hands getting a few book out. When Chris closed it he got his finger jammed, both Joe and Liz expected not a lot but at lest him show it hurt but nothing his face didn’t changed. Liz mumble quietly” the pain his been feeling is no mach for another” Joe nodded studying his hands, wriest and arms carefully; up and down his arms were marks that finger nails can only make his wrists was cut up along with his fingers.” has he been hurting himself?” Joe asked to himself trying to finger it out, Liz over heard him and turns her head quickly looking for herself hopeing it wasn’t true. Liz eyes begin to tear up seeing it was true”no”wipeing her eyes quickly” no” she said weakly. Chris looked over then looked away with abit of ashamed face pulling his sleeves down over his hands. “Chris is usely a very strong guy nothing could really bother him into now I guess Erin in the hospital really pushed him to hard” said Joe pulling his back pack over his shoulder” we got to do something before they both will end up I the hosbital”he exclaimed watching Chris walk shakily to class. Liz wiped her teary eyes once more”yea, quickly “she agreed grabbing her backpack. As they headed to a class they heard an argument and then a thump after dead silence. Liz and Joe look at each other with fear and ran to were the noise was, so much horrible images flying threw their heads. When they got there they found Chris on the ground in a blood puddle and a guy standing there; trembling, bloody. Joe grab the guy shirt slamming him into the way shouting” what the hell did u do!?” nothing!” the guy cried” we were fighting and it turn into a fist fight I punched him in the chest but the blood started to fly everywhere and he fell to the ground! No way a punch could have done that!” Joe pushed him harder into wall shouting” how do I know its true!?” the guy flinch scared out of his mind.” its true..”Said Liz looking over Chris”hu?”Asked Joe looking at her but not letting go of the struggling guy.”Hes been shot” said Liz ripping Chris’s shirt pointing to the bullet wound” Joe threw the guy to the ground and walked over studying the wound”damn it couldn’t be him it was shot from the back” grumble Joe looking back up at the guy running off.” but who?” asked Liz looking over the wound” I don’t know…”said Joe looking around for a suspect ”Something’s up…both Erin and Chris are hurt badly. It doesn’t make sense” Liz nodded agreeing. Liz pulled out her cell quickly to call 911”hu? My cell not working” she said messing with her phone.” it probly died and u didn’t notice. Here use my its fully charged I charged it this Morin” said Joe pulling his cell out of his pocket handing it to her. She took it quickly” its screen is black” she said trying to turn it on”what? That cant be” Joe stole the phone back messing with it.” we don’t have time for this!” grumbled Liz getting up”im going to go call from the office we need to get him to the hospital” she said running to the office” keep an eye on Chris!” Joe nodded looking down at Chris” don’t worry Chris well find out who doing this just wait” clamed Joe squeezing his fist together angrily.” will you? Heh I don’t think so” a whispered voice hit Joe’s eardrums “w-what?” Joe pulled out his pocket knife from his back pocket flipping it open and slashing behind him” nothing” he sighed”wait”joe looked down at his knife was drenched in blood. He looked down an there were blood splatters on the floor” I hit something…but it got away” Joe mumbled looking at his bloody knife.” yes you hit me” said the strange voice. Joe turned to were it was” who are u?!” he demanding looking around then he saw a firger in the shadows. Joe’s eyes widen; shakily putting his knife up ready to attack, the firger just chuckled.” silly boy” said the firger walking forwarded, pushing his finger in his own wound and then licking the blood off of it” I like blood…no love blood hehe” he chuckled flashing his fangs. Joe took a step back “who-what are u?!” he asked trembling backing up more.” who am I? What else? Well u won’t live long infu to tell so ill tell my meal im a vampire” said the firger walking closer with blood dripping down his lip.” vampire? Now way…. you cant be…”replied Joe agance the wall” did u do this? To him?”Demande Joe stepping forward.” yes I did” the finger smirked. Rage went threw Joes body and he threw the knife at the finger as hard as he could” you a** hole!” he screamed. The finger didn’t flinch he simply held out his hand and cault the knife between his fingers. Joe’s body began to shake “n-no” he cried backing back to the wall now un armed. The firger chuckled darkly and walked closer and closer to him. Joe knew he was in troble; now backed agance the wall, unarmed and scared out of his mind. The firger put his hand next to Joes face and pulled his collar down to show his neck. Joe was paralyzed in fear he wanted and needed to move but he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried. The firger licked Joes neck tasting his flesh, Joe gasped” a-ah” this feeling was strange to Joe something he couldn’t name. The firger scraped his teeth agance Joe’s neck making him yelp and jump; the firger chuckled and blew on his neck making Joe squirm. Joe felt his heart start to race, this guy was messing with him making him feel stuff he never felt before also making him wait for his death and the dreaded sharp pain of fangs threw his neck. Joe pushed agance the guy’s chest trying to push him away but the finger didn’t budge it only angered him. The firger bit down hard, Joe body froze he felt his blood getting drain out of his body; losing feeling in his toes and fingers slowly up his arms and legs he became pale. Joe’s legs started to limp forward unable to hold his body much longer. The firger didn’t stop or want to he was hungry and Joe’s blood was so good. Joe knew he was gone to die for sure when darkness started to cover his eyes, he could only se a little in front of him and that view was fading in darkness quickly. His arms and legs became limped and motionless the firger had to hold Joe up now draining what little blood he had in his body.darkniss covered all vision Joe had, he shut his eyes as his body became limped the firger threw Joe to the ground wipeing his mouth”good”he said leaving Joe pale, motionless, cold body on the floor.
    ~To be continued~