• I gave her my heart, showed her my soul
    She showed hers back along with her a toll
    I scrounged for change just to pay this fine
    but I had to turn around and ask for some more time

    Meditation and solitude were my only friends
    Figuring things out through all of life's bends
    And so finally its my time to return
    and heres a life leason that most don't learn

    More of this cash I had to pay
    As much as I wanted to go foreward I had to sway
    People began yelling out my name
    Rather than praise they decided to stain

    As I went to go off again, someone came from behind
    He had offered advice and said I was blind
    Blind? No that cannot be right.
    I'm doing this for us with my goal in sight

    Before I knew it she had up and left
    Figuring out it was the prophet who had done this theft
    Anger and sadness once again returned
    But without vengance, this is my leasson learned

    Months of questions and days of pain
    Along with added pressure, but I still kept sane
    I decided I'll take this road nice and slow
    Just to sit back and enjoy my own flow

    Who knows who will join and who will leave?
    Knowing that I'll be okay alone on each and every eve
    The one's that have stayed I'll be sure to keep near
    And those that run can't leave me in fear

    And just as I thought someone has joined my path
    And a new happiness is what is replacing my wrath
    Sure I've gone through a lot of this meanlingess s**t
    But mass amounts of knowledge is what I've gained from all of it

    Memories may haunt me, taunting me constantly
    And some people may wonder how I'm able to be
    So persistant, up beat, and positive about life
    Even when its taking family members without strife

    I've hated this life I've hated my guts
    But now I'm able to stand up and smile with the rest of you mutts
    You once knew me as "Poof" a cute retarded name
    But I'll rise above that and start playing my own game