• Unbroken
    A fortress untouched
    No windows for sun
    See my shadow
    My image
    My silhouette
    My darkness
    I’m hardened

    Clogged arteries
    No blood to the heart
    Frozen core
    Eyes uncolored
    A book closed tight
    Nothing presides
    No doors, no gates

    My skin is dry
    Emotionless words
    Parched Lips
    No Thirst
    Pupils coated in skin
    Lids shut tight
    Emptiness inside
    Half empty, half full
    Choose the former
    A permanent shield
    Cold heat
    No energy
    Thick drugs
    Feelings displaced

    There lies no warmth
    None I Swear
    A rock held tight
    Nothing to touch
    Nothing to see
    Nothing within
    A dead heart
    A false beat
    A fake life
    Untrue, not right
    A labyrinth of lies

    I’m scared
    My worst enemy

    A message from God
    An angel of mercy
    A switch
    Lighting the dark
    Needing doors not

    Even the densest
    The strongest of stones
    Weaknesses exist
    A rushing of river
    Water prevails
    Erosion wins over
    Carves what it wants
    Markings run far
    Seeping down deep
    It cracks running under
    A titanic sunk
    Wrecked, splintered
    A krackenous bite
    I lay here drowning
    Darkness wants the soul
    I’m losing my paddle
    I’m losing my grip
    I’m losing control


    Flailing no more
    Putting up no fight
    Defeated, lying dead
    I’m broken
    A Babylon fallen
    My fence is gone
    A castle
    Taken apart
    The moat is dry
    The pieces are missing
    The foundations lost
    Shattered glass
    Paper torn
    Splintered wood
    Scorched, coaled

    I can’t see
    I can’t think
    I can’t feel

    I cracked

    You broke me
    Stolen my soul
    Taken my mind
    My base, my walls
    You thinned blood
    Opened veins
    The heart, my rock
    Knifed it out
    You let it bleed
    Black blood, a puddle
    Drained it
    Brightened shadows
    Aura of silver

    A fever
    Stupor aware
    I’m tearing
    Eyes on fire
    Can’t take it
    It’s Pain

    kill it
    pray me

    Taking the parts
    The blocks
    The head
    The eyes
    Displacing anew
    A bringer of life

    Finding the spine
    Opening the Cover
    Reading the pages
    Uncovering the ink
    Reversing the missing

    I’m transparent
    I’m clear
    I’m open

    They exist
    My memories
    My prayers
    My dreams
    My feelings
    My fear
    My sadness
    My joy
    My life

    I can taste
    The air, sweet

    I can hear
    The grass, crisp

    I can smell
    The aromas, perfumed

    I can see
    The world, vivid

    I can feel
    The nerves, electric

    I can breathe
    The oxygen, cool

    My heart, it beats
    Not fake
    Infallibly true
    Red blood
    Real flesh

    I’m here
    I’m alive

    Scarred but healed
    Fixed though scathed
    I’m not complete
    Not whole
    Something’s not there
    I need it
    It’s missing

    You awakened me
    My antidote
    My prescription drug
    Taught me again
    The philosophies
    I learned them wrong
    The glass is full
    Life to the brim
    Light can shine in
    You extended the glass
    A chalice for the lost
    Standing adjoined
    It laid there in wait
    To tell me I lost
    My grail
    I took a sip

    I felt.
    I feel. My fear.
    I’m callous no more.