• A scream rings through
    Through the town
    Smoke is seen
    Over the stone walls

    A girl is bound
    Robe binds her hands
    And encircles her ankles

    Sweat mixed with tears dominate her face
    Fear and innocence preside in her eyes
    She's shoved onto a platform
    More rope binds her to a stake

    A breeze blows through
    Her gray worn dress fitters about
    Her red hair whips her face

    None listen
    None care
    They lower the torch
    The cheering stops
    The crowd is quiet

    "help..." the girl calls
    She calls to her mother
    She calls to her father
    She calls to any who will listen

    "please listen" she pleads
    "I am no witch
    I don't worship the devil

    "I won't lie
    I won't tell you I believe in your god
    My goddess won't punish you
    She won't avenge me"

    The Christian leader stands
    His robe pulled tight about him
    "even on the stake
    You deny the lord?"

    She stands as tall as she can
    "your god is but one form
    One face
    The Jewish god
    Muslim god
    Christian god...
    The goddess...
    They are all one!"

    The flames roar
    All around her
    The smoke hides
    Her face from view

    Rain begins to fall
    All that's left of the girl
    Is her bones and her words

    The fire dies
    The rain falls
    The earth quakes
    The wind blows

    The only thing changed
    is the holy father
    Who left that burning
    A change'd man