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    you crave it
    you want it
    you see it
    you smell it
    you taste it
    its the one thing your scared to admit you love
    its the dark thick watery red substince you see
    when you shove past someone on your way home
    its blood

    who or rather what have you become
    you don't recognize your own reflection
    your girlfriend's lying on the bed
    blood stained dyeing
    or is she just ben given a new life??
    you dont know

    what have you done
    you decide to run and run and run
    but why its goten you nowhere so far
    you look at your blood stained hands
    and you scream and scream
    you lean against the wall and slowly slide down
    you wash the blood off your body in a nearby lake
    and decide to continue life as it was
    so you go home
    and place all that has happened behind you
    but deep inside you want the other life that awaits you
    you drop the plate you were washing in shock of realisation