• She needs someone to place the light back in her eyes
    Pain and darkness the only thing scene there
    The only desire shown; the need to be held when she cries
    Instead she draws deeper within when they stare

    The need for a touch of humanity rises
    She kneels at the edge of her bed praying, hoping for an end
    Surrounding her are the crowns, growing in size
    A single man stands out at the front as if preparing to defend

    In her eyes he is her knight in shining armor
    Despite the torn baggy jeans and band T-shirt
    His hair grown long, such of an ancient warrior
    The raven strands flies free in the air, flirting

    Her warrior glanced up from his 'battle'
    Tired crystal eyes capture her dark ones
    Ensnared by the spell created, she was drawn to him like cattle
    They held each other close, believing all was said and done

    But off in the distance, her dragon rears its protest
    Stepping out of his layer, he pulls on a leather jacket
    Eyes dancing with flames of fury, determine to win her back, no contest
    Joining the crowd, raising his voice above the others, adding to the racket

    Fear blossomed in her dark eyes; anger grew within her love's
    He scanned the mob around them, trying to find the source