• Sitting in my concrete box
    Watching yet another Twilight
    Seasons pass
    Light comes, fades away

    But the walls don't change
    Identical rough texture
    Same gray hues
    In my concrete prison

    Looking through the same small crack
    The faces blurred
    Everything's right

    Watching the walls
    silent and still
    Something's wrong

    Light, an Understanding
    Abyss, compelling me to sleep

    Why doesn't my box keep things out?

    My concrete box can't be working
    Perhaps I need more walls

    Why does my box keep things inside?

    Manifesting itself into Chaos
    Chaos shares my blood
    pumping into my mind
    filling the cracks in my soul

    The light is gone now
    The cracks are filled in
    Like my soul
    My mind
    My heart


    Filling the cracks in my concrete box