• It could create a rainbow when reality and dreams collide

    A pure escape from a f_cked up world

    (For now we know what It hides from others will leak into that subconcious and fester)

    Listen now...

    Stay quiet...

    A rushing pulse deafens innocent ears

    Hide because the Dark Man is coming

    Because he’ll hurt you

    Damn, he’ll kill you. He’s already done it once before...

    And he does. Again and again he finds you

    The more he stabs, the less it hurts

    Until you hurt no more and your heart breaks...

    Dark Man; what a monster among men! A plague that sweeps the mind

    To stir such violence and hatred

    To cause such fear and distrust...

    But wait. That’s it! Only one thing to do.

    Break him. Break him until the Dark disappears!

    So within the dreams of many colors when everything fades gray

    when blood runs cold

    when the Dark Man approaches

    don’t hide

    Yes, he’ll hurt you(don’t worry, you’re already dead, remember?)

    Damn, he’ll kill you. He’s already done it once before...twice before...Countless times before

    But this time...this time he passes you.

    Now’s the chance, the time, the opportunity!

    A glint of light to pierce the Dark Man

    He breaks. He vanishes.

    The clatter of metal against cold ground

    And everything becomes white noise