• Maybe
    one day
    they'll see
    what terrible things they're doing
    by cutting down these trees.
    We humans need homes,
    but think of the animals,
    and the plants we eat,
    don't they deserve to live too? mrgreen

    one day
    they'll see
    the smoke in the sky
    and realize that it's not good,
    they're causing us to die.
    All of this smoking and gas exhaustion
    just can't be good
    for a young community. mrgreen

    one day
    they'll see
    the glacier's water flood over the horizon,
    cuz it's too hot and it was forced to melt down.
    We'll be forced to run away
    lest someone wants to be drowned.
    Water is important, its more than half of the world,
    but we're polluting our planet,
    and it's making her sweat
    just a little to much. mrgreen

    one day
    they'll see
    the UV rays breaking through the ozone
    or maybe they won't cuz we'll all be dead.
    If the world's gonna end someday
    why not let it end 20 million years later instead
    of it being any coming day.
    We're looking over our shoulders
    scared out of our minds
    for the day we lose our home... mrgreen

    The world responds like she's sick
    she's telling us to end the violence
    that we've brought upon her.
    Think of how we feel
    when we're ill,
    don't you want to get better? mrgreen

    We must make
    the world green.
    We must make
    her happy again.
    We must make
    the world green.
    Cuz no one
    can live
    this way. mrgreen