• And yet another sleepless night waves bye. The moon still rejects my call. I long for her blissfull kiss that passes me into a much needed slumber. Yet I call through the night I am ignored, doomed to repeat the past. I cry out to her ''why will you not come by my doorstep and bring me peace'' and while I long for a responce I get nothing in return. Tis three a.m. and not one single slip of my eyes, the house is quiet, too quiet for my own good.

    I gaze at her through my window wondering why she taunts me so. Prancing gracfully across the midnight sky. Lingering close to the edge of the world teasing the sun to follow it and bring the light that eclipses all darkness.

    As she left my sights I glanced up and cryed out ''dearest sun why have you risen so high in the morning knowing i have yet to catch any shut eye'' and he stared back with a look of wonder, wondering if he should answer my quiestion or overpass my mortal body. Thus I roll over and cover my head with the silk of the morning beams of light.