• 1888

    I see this boy walk around,
    His back turned against the crowd.
    As he walks all alone,
    I realize this boy has no home.

    I see this girl walk around,
    Her back turned against the crowd.
    As she begs from people on the street,
    I realize this girl has nothing to eat.

    I watch this happen everyday,
    People just won't help these little strays.
    As they continue their pitiful lives,
    These kids know they won't survive.

    One morning, when I opened my store,
    I saw the 2 sitting against a door.
    My heart sank as I knew their fate,
    Another day sitting at that gate.

    It was then that someone came running up,
    To the 2 whimpering like a pup.
    A underage teen working at the mine,
    Gave the 2 a small shining dime.

    As that young teen walked away,
    I realized he worked hard everyday.
    To earn that extra little dime,
    For the 2 little kids who could've died.

    By: darkfairy1313