• i look around all i see
    is her face looking back at me
    i dont know why i see it there
    the wind is flowing through her hair...

    i see this girl in my dreams
    but dreams are more real then they seem
    i lie in bed just burning up
    thinking about her while my smile goes up...

    i can't get this girl out of my head
    i feel like im hanging by a thread
    and when i fall she's there for me
    to give a hug and kiss to fill me with glee...

    after 5 monthes i realize
    i'll never see this girl with my own eyes
    i lose all hope to find the one
    i stay iside away from the sun...

    a few years pass and im not sad
    then a dream comes and it aint that bad
    the girl returns into my head
    even after all the things i said...

    the next day i stare to think
    about this girl and then i blink
    i watch her closely and she starts to sing...

    somway somehow i know this song
    i run up to her a start singing along
    she looks me and asks my how i know
    the song she wrote long long ago...

    she stares into my eyes and then with shock
    she screams out loud like a coo coo clock
    she says she sees me in her sleep
    my love for her was so very deep...

    our eyes connect and so do our lips
    my skin can feel her finger tips
    so i met the mystery girl the one from my dreams
    but this relationship was not as it seemed...

    i go to see her planed to be suprised
    then i look and can't believe my eyes
    another man has her in his hold
    rubbing, kissing, my heart feels cold...

    the fire i once felt in my heart
    turns to ash as we become worlds apart
    the love that was as tall as chinas wall
    was not real and through the floor i fall

    i go home with tears in my eyes
    the girl i loved i now despize
    until the day i find the one for me
    i'll wait in heaven as my soul is now free...