• She runs,
    Not fights.
    She's chased,
    Into the night.
    She's bleeding,
    She's bruised.
    They chase her,
    She is confused.
    Why would they attack?
    Why, why me?
    She runs for her life,
    In pain and agony.
    They bite,
    They scratch.
    She yelps,
    She cries.
    The wolf running,
    Alone in fear.
    Left to die,
    With bloody tears.
    She stops,
    She waits.
    Her life,
    Is at stake.
    She lifts up her head,
    She opens her mouth.
    She lets it out,
    In one last howl.
    They catch her,
    They killed her.
    She is nothing anymore.
    A body of a once wolf,
    With a heart made of gold.

    Thank you hope you enjoyed.