• As tears fall my dreams are washed away,
    into a river of lost hopes and dispare..
    no one cares were they all go..
    and no one cares who made them..
    all they kno is that its funny to watch
    someone cry tears of pain and sadness..
    they dont kno the pain and suffering that
    person may be feeling,
    they dont kno how it feels to be hated
    by the people around you..
    all they care is about hurting the ones
    that may be dying on the inside already..
    life isnt all about hateing,makeing fun of or
    hurting others..but most people dont get that...
    as my tears run down my cheeks ...i wonder...
    what would it be like to be dead?...to be
    far away from those who hate you...to be
    far away from the people who did harm to you..
    to get away from it all n be somewere were your just
    alone and your self...
    meny times have i cryed like this before...
    and thaught the same things over...
    sometimes i just cry because noone understands me...
    i never chose this path im takeing...
    i was forced by the walls of hate n depression by the
    people around me...
    takeing the path wasnt easy...and never will be..
    as i look back all i do is cry and wish i could go back..
    but as i move on,it seems that the walls just get closer
    and closer together...slowly traping me in a dark
    box fill with lies and tears..with no one else there in
    the box to help me excape from its grasp....all i do is just
    sit and wait for it to be over...for someone to save me...
    but so far no one...i shouldnt expect enyone to save me soon..
    cuz they all think the same about me...they all just dont care
    ...as much as im consernd ill be in this dark scary box
    for along time...so as i just sit there waiting....i pass
    the time by thinkin about the life i could of
    had...the freinds i could of made...the partys
    i could of gone to...the joy of being alive and happy.
    I look out of the small hole in the box im in...i see
    people...haveing fun...jumping around with
    freinds and family....walking down the
    path i could of taken...the path ill never see...
    i stare into the dark..wishing,hopeing,dreaming
    ,wondering...will i ever be seen diffrently?..
    will i ever get out of here?...will enywone care..
    As my tears start to fall agian...the box slowly
    closes in more.

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