• The future hangs by but a thread,
    Each day I face with dread.
    The time is coming soon when you will choose.
    Don't you realize how much you'll lose?
    What can I say when they ask?
    How can you leave me such a grisly task?
    I wish I could say it didn't used to be this way.
    But now I see how blind I was before.
    We're not enough, you'll always want more.
    Or maybe you can't recover from the past.
    I wish you could see that pain, it doesn't have to last.
    The look in your eyes, it wounds my soul.
    I'd do anything to make you whole.
    There's nothing more I can say.
    You never seem to listen anyway.
    Each day you waste is forever lost.
    You can't keep hiding from the cost.
    I think I know what it is you fear,
    And I know why when you listen,
    You do not hear.
    It's easier to just go on,
    No matter that you know it's wrong.
    It dulls your pain, but slows your mind,
    All these things you hide behind.
    And each time you come too close to the edge,
    For awhile you stay away.
    Make more empty promises that you'll be ok.
    But there always comes another day.
    You are alive but you do not live.
    You take and take and do not give.
    I wish you could see what you have become.
    And all the things you'll leave undone.
    Still, I love you truly, without end.
    Even though, my soul you'll rend.
    Each night I pray you'll find the way,
    Back to who you were before.
    Though I know it's too late.
    Long ago you chose this fate.