• Your suffocating
    The walls are closing in around you
    Your heart beats faster,and faster
    As the pressure to get out
    And the realization your gonna die
    Sets in,you burst into tears
    You can't handle all of that pressure
    You don't want to fail or you'll die
    But you don't know what to do
    You lose all your hope and cry harder
    Remembering all your family and friends
    Wishing they were here to save you
    Wishing they could take this pressure off you
    But then you think your selfish
    Dumping you problems on other people
    But as the walls come closer and closer
    You hope more and more they'll come
    False hope can kill you
    It will kill you
    The walls come closer
    They look menacing,deadly
    You close your eyes
    Waiting for all the pressure to leave
    You want the pressure to be gone
    Then you hear someone call your name
    You think your hallucinating
    It makes it all worse
    You know who's voice it is
    You'd recognize his voice anywhere
    It's your love
    Part of you is happy for this hallucination
    The other part of you hates it
    He keeps calling your name
    Against your better judgement,
    You look up
    And he's there
    To pull you away from all the pressure
    He pulls you out
    He wraps his arms around you
    "it's over,your ok"he whispers
    You feel safe
    The walls are gone
    The pressure's gone
    And your free